Small Navies of the World – Corvettes and Patrol Ships

Corvettes and Patrol Ships

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Bahrain – FPB 62 Lurssen corvette design LOA 207′ TDISP 650 tons (2 active, service since 1987) FPB 62 Lurssen corvette Bahrain 2020FPB 62 Lurssen corvette Bahrain 2016

Bahrain – TNC 45 Lurssen FAC-missile design LOA 147′ TDISP 265 tons (4 active, service since 1984) TNC 45 Lurssen FAC Bahrain 2020-09 TNC 45 Lurssen FAC Bahrain 2020

Bahrain – FPB 38 Lurssen FAC-Gun LOA 126′ TDISP 210 (2 active, service since 1982) FPB 38 Lurssen FAC Bahrain 2020

Dominican Republic – Almirante Didiez Burgos – Balsam Class buoy tender DA-304 (2001) LOA 180′ TDISP 1,030 tons . Formerly USCGS Buttonwood WLB-306 (1943-2001). Almirante Didiez Burgos Balsam class Santo Domingo DR 2020

El Salvadore – Manuel Jose Arce BL-01 Balsam Class buoy tender (2002) LOA 180′ TDISP 1,030 tons. Formerly USCGS Madrona WLB-302 (1943-2002). Used as mother ship for smaller patrol craft.Balsam class Acajutla El Salvador 2006

Equatorial Guinea – Bata 047 Corvette (2012) LOA 286′ TDISP 1,360. OPV 88 design built at Varna, Bulgaria.Bata 047 Equatorial Guinea 2015

Equatorial Guinea – PV50M class Patrol Ship LOA 161’Built in Varna, Bulgaria (2 active, service since 2008)

Equatorial Guinean Navy patrol boat Estuario de Muni
The 50-meter Equatorial Guinean Navy patrol boat Estuario de Muni furing a Search and Rescue exercise with USCGC Dallas, July 2008. USCG 1087963 (Photo by PA1 Tasha Tully)

PV50M class Patrol Ship Equatorial Guinea 2021

Estonia – EML Admiral Pitka A-230 (2000-2013) LOA 245′ TDISP 1,970 tons. Formerly Danish Navy HDMS Beskytteren F-340 (1976-2000) scrapped 2014.

EML Admrial Pitka A-230
Admiral Pitka A-230 n.d. via wikipedia.

EML Admiral Pitka Talinn 2013EML Admiral Pitka Talinn 2011

Faroe Islands – Brimil Patrol Ship (2001) LOA 197′ TDISP 2,030 tons. Built in Norway. Brimil PS Faroe Islands 2015

Finland – Hamina Class Fast Attack Craft (missile) LOA 168′ TDISP 275 tons (4 active, service since 1998)

FNS Tornio_Särkänsalmi_1
FNS Tornia, Särkänsalmi strait, 2012, during anniversary celebrations of the Finnish Navy. Credit: MKFI, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Hamina class FAC Upinniemi, Finland 2014

Finland – Rauma Class Fast Attack Craft (missile) LOA 158′ TDISP 250 tons (4 active, service since 1990)

FNS Porvoo, Rauma class FAC. Credit: Tomisti CC-BY-SA-3.0via wikimedia commons

Rauma class FAC Turku Finland 2014

Gabon – P400 Patrol Ships LOA 179′ TDISP 450 tons (3, 2 retired, service since 1988, two units served for most of this time, being decommissioned before 2010. An ex-French unit was transferred 2014 and in service)

P400 Ex_Tapageuse_Concarneau
P400 class Patrol Ship, formerly the FS La Tapageuse P-691, at Concarneau being prepared for delivery to Gabon. Credit: Yann Gwilhoù, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons 

P400 PV Gabon 2018P400 PV Gabon 2010

Ghana – Balsam class buoy tender patrol (ex-USGC Buoy tenders) LOA 180′ TDISP 1,000 tons (2 active, service since 2001) Formerly USGC tenders, originally commissioned 1944. Balsam class patrol ship Tema Ghana 2015

Guyana – GDFS Essequibo 1026 (2001) Patrol Ship. LOA 156′ TDISP 900 tons. Formerly HMS Orwell M-2011 (1985-2001) Royal Navy River Class Minesweeper.

HMS Orwell M-2011 in the Bay of Biscay, 1990. Credit: en:User:Blackknight2010, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Essequibo PB Georgetown Guyana 2015

Iceland – Thor (2011) LOA 308′ TDISP 4,000 tons . Built in Mexico, Coast Guard, but Iceland has no naval service, so this appears to fit the role.

Thor at Reykjavik, ca. 2014. Credit: Diego Delso, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

THor PS Reykjavík 2020

Iceland – Aegir Class LOA 230′ TDISP 1,500 tons (2 active, service since 1968)Aegir class PS Reykjavík 2017

Ireland – Samuel Beckett Large Patrol Vessels LOA 295′ TDISP 2,200 tons (4 active, service since 2014) enlarged version of the Roisin class.

LÉ Samuel Becket commissioning in May, 2014 [Detail of]. Credit: Irish Defence Forces from Ireland, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Samuel Beckett Class LPV Ireland 2018

Ireland – Roisin Class Large Patrol Vessels LOA 259′ TDISP 1,700 tons (2 active, service since 1999)Roisin class LPV Ireland 2018

Ireland – LÉ Eithne P-31 Patrol Ship (1984) LOA 278′ TDISP 1,920 tons. Current flagship

Le Aithne Irish PS Best_29_(9185555312)
LÉ Eithne P-31, annual exercises, 2013. Credit: Irish Defence Forces, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

LE Eithne P-31 OPV Ireland 2018

Ireland – Peacock Class patrol corvettes LÉ Orla P-41 and LÉ Ciara P-42 (service since 1988) LOA 205′ TDISP 720 tons. Formerly HMS Swift and Swallow, Hong Kong service. Similar ships in service with Philippines.Peacock class CC Ireland 2018

Ireland – P21 class Patrol Ships LOA 213′ TDISP 1,030 tons (3 retired, service 1978-2014)

LÉ Aisling P-23, 2009. Decommissioned in 2016, this ship has wound up as the flagship of the Libyan Navy. Credit: William Murphy from Dublin, Ireland, CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

P21 class PS Ireland 2013P21 class PS Ireland 2006

Libya – Al-Karama (2018) LOA 214′ TDISP 1020 tons. Formerly Irish Navy Patrol vessel (see immediately above) LÉ Aisling P-23 (1980-2016). Transferred after multiple sales.  Al-Karama Bengazi 2021

Libya – Nanuchka II class corvettes LOA 195′ TDISP 660 tons (4 transferred from Russia, 2 sunk, 1 scrapped)

A port bow view of a Soviet-built NANUCHKA II class Libyan missile corvette n.d. NARA: USN DN-SN-89-10944

Tariq Ibn Ziyad 416 (1982-ca.2014) formerly USSR MRK-9. From imagery of Benghazi, this ship sank at its mooring late Oct. or early November 2014, and is still (2021) there.Tariq Ibn Ziyad Bengazi 2012Tariq Ibn Ziyad Bengazi 2020 wreck

Lithuania – Grisha III class corvettes Project 1124M LOA 234′ TDISP 1,200 tons (2, service 1992-2003)Lithuanian Navy Grisha III class corvettes Klaipėda 2003Lithuanian Navy Grisha III class corvette Klaipėda 2004

Mauritania – Huangpu class Patrol Boats LOA 197′ TDISP 440 tons. Built in China. (2 active, service since 2002)Huangpu class PB Nouakchott, Mauritania 2009

Mauritius – MCGS Barracuda (2014) Kora class LOA 243′ TDISP 1,350 tons. built in India.

MCGS Barracuda at seaCredit: GRSE (GODL-India), GODL-India , via Wikimedia Commons

MCGS Barracuda Mauritius 2015

Mauritius – MCGS Vigilant (1996) LOA 246′ TDISP 2,000 tons. Design based on a Canadian fisheries vessel.

MCGS Vigilant berthed at Port Louis, 2008[Detail of] Credit: User:Sputniktilt, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
MCGS Vigilant Mauritius 2024

Namibia – NS Elephant Large Patrol Vessel (2012) LOA 354′ TDISP 2,850 tons. Chinese-built.NS Elephant S-11 Walvis Bay, Namibia 2021

Namibia – NS Lt. Gen. Dimo Hamaambo C-11 (2004-2012) LOA 184′ TDISP 1,020 tons. formerly Brazilian Navy Imperial Marinheiro class fleet tug Purua V-23 (1955-2002) NS Lt. Gen. Dimo Hamaambo PS Walvis Bay, Namibia 2011

Namibia -Type 037I Haiqing class corvettes LOA 206′ TDISP 470 tons (2 active, service since 2017) Formerly Chinese PLAN, donated around 2014. Haiqing class PB Walvis Bay, Namibia 2021

Namibia – NS Nathanael Maxwilili (2002) AND NS Anna Kakurukaze Mungunda (2004) LOA ca. 190′ TDISP 1,400 tons. Two similar patrol ships, mostly used for fisheries protection, NS Maxwilili has a helicopter flight deck. NS PBOs Walvis Bay, Namibia 2021

Nigeria – P18 / Type 056 Chinese-built corvettes LOA 300′ TDISP 1,500 tons (2 active, service since 2018?)P18 Type 056 corvettes Lagos dockyard Nigeria 2020-12P18 Type 056 corvettes Lagos Nigeria 2020

Nigeria – Vosper Thornycroft Mk9 LOA 226′ TDISP 780 tons (2 retired, service 1980-ca.2007) Many operational issues with these, with one unit suffering a large explosion. The remaining unit disappears from imagery in early 2017, assumed scrapped.Vosper Thornycroft MK9 Lagos 2013Vosper Thornycroft Mk9 Lagos 2016

Nigeria – NNS Prosperity A-497 (2015) LOA 214′ TDISP 1,000 tons. Formerly Irish Naval Service LÉ Emer P-21 (1978-2013). see above. NNS Prosperity A-497 Lagos 2018

Oman – Project Khareef Corvettes LOA 323′ TDISP 2,740 tons (3 active service since 2010)

Oman corvette Ships_in_Portsmouth_8
SNV Al Rahmani Q-41 Portsmouth Harbour, Oct. 2013. Credit: Photograph by Mike Peel (, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Project Khareef CC WS Oman

Oman – Qahir Class Corvettes LOA 276′ TDISP 1,470 tons (2 active, service since 1996) Vosper Thornycroft built. Qadir CC WS Oman 2018

Oman – Al-Ofouq class Patrol Ships LOA 246′ TDISP 1,100 tons (4 active, service since 2015)

SNV Naseem al-Bahr ca. 2016. Credit: Indian Navy, GODL-India , via Wikimedia Commons

Al-Ofouq class pV WS Oman 2018

Paraguay – Humaita class River Gunboats LOA 230′ TDISP 900 tons (2 retired, service 1931-1992) Italian built to a Paraguayan design. ARP Hamaita is a museum ship, and Paraguay is a stores ship. Both ships have held up unnaturally well due to fresh water conditions.

ARP Paraguay C-1, 2016. Credit: Leopard123, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

ARP Humaita gunboats, Paraguay 2020

Paraguay – ARP Teniente Farina P-04 – Bouchard class (1964-ca. 2014) LOA 197′ TDISP 660 tons. Formerly Argentinian Navy ARA Py M-10 (1939-1964) minesweeper, used for patrol work. This ship appears to be on the grounds of a scrapyard, likely to be dismantled. (2 other Bouchard class were transferred to Paraguay and are now scrapped)

ARA Spiro_(M-13)
ARA Spiro M-13, showing the lovely lines of the Bouchard class of minesweepers, in Argentine service. Credit: Unknown author, Public domain,  Historia y Arqueologia Marítima via Wikimedia Commons 

Bouchard class PS Asunción, Paraguay 2020Bouchard class PS Asunción, Paraguay 2016

Qatar – Barzan class – Vita class LOA 185′ TDISP 390 tons (4 active, service since 1996) Vosper Thornycroft built. Barzan class Doha Qatar 2021

Qatar – Damsah class – Combattante III M Fast Attack-Missile LOA 184′ TDISP 400 tons (3 active, service since 1982). French built. Damsah class FACM Doha Qatar 2021

Senegal – Fouta (1987) Improved Osprey 55 class Patrol Ship LOA 185′ TDISP 480 tonsFouta Osprey PV Dakar Senegal 2021

Senegal – Njambuur P-773 PR72M class (1983-ca. 2017) LOA 191′ TDISP 460 tons.

Patrol ship Njambuur, Dakar 2014. Credit: MC1 David R. Krigbaum, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Njambuur P-773 Dakar Senegal 2018Njambuur P-773 scrapping Dakar Senegal 2019

Senegal – PR-48 class patrol boat LOA 156′ TDISP 254 tons (3 retired,  service 1974-ca.2017. last 2 units appeared to be scrapped Dakar 2017)

Legare Patrols With Senegal Navy
Poponquine, during joint operations with the USCGC Legare, Aug. 2009, as part of the Africa Partnership Station mission [Detail of]. Credit: USN 194834 (PO2 Thomas Blue)
PR48 class PB Dakar Senegal 2016

Syria – OSA I and II class LOA 127′ TDISP 250 tons (6 active, service since 1979). Transferred from Russia starting in 1979. According to Jane’s Fighting Ships 2013-2014 edition, the Osa I boats are based at Tartus, and the Osa II are based at Latakia. Osa II class missile boats Latakia Syria 2018

Ukraine – Grisha Class – Project 1124 LOA 234′ TDISP 1,160 tons (3 active, service since 1996). One Grisha II and one Grisha V were transferred from Russian to the new Ukrainian Navy in 1996, whereas Ternopil, a Grisha V, was newly built for the navy in 2002.

Ternopil U-209, 2013 Credit: Міністерство оборони України, CC BY 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Grisha corvette Odessa 2018

Ukraine – Pauk I Class LOA 189′ TDISP 450 tons (2 active, service since transfer from Russia, 1996)Pauk class corvette Odessa 2018Pauk class corvette Mykolaiv 2019

Ukraine – Matka Class Hydrofoil missile boats LOA 130′ TDISP 265 tons (2 active, 3 retired or transferred to other navies, service since 1996) Gurza-M class PB Odessa 2018

Ukraine – Velikaya Alexandrovka U-951 (1995 – unknown) T-43  – Project 254 class Soviet minesweeper LOA 188′ TDISP 570 tons. Originally T-814 (Russian service 1954-ca. 1995), transferred to Ukraine as U-951. Converted to training ship.  Long laid up for likely scrapping at Lake Donuzlav.  U-951 T-43 class MS Lake Donuzlav Ukraine

Yemen – Tarantul I – Project 1241 LOA 184′ TDISP 590 tons (2 transferred from Russia, 1 retired, service since 1990)Tarantul CC Yemen 2014Tarantul CC Yemen 2020

Yemen – Hounan Type 021 class missile boats LOA 127′ TDISP 250 tons (3 transferred from Russia, 1 may still be active). Chinese-built variant of an OSA 1 class missile boat.Osa class missile boat Yemen 2020

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