Shipsearcher Navy Pages – Release History

Shipsearcher navy index pages in the original order of publishing. This does not include frequent upgrades or new sub-pages:

Royal Canadian Navy 2019/09/25

United States Navy Current 2019/09/30

United States Navy Retired 2019/10/03 submarines added 2021/08/07

Royal Navy 2019/10/25

Royal New Zealand Navy 2019/11/05

Royal Australian Navy 2019/11/08

Russian Navy 2019/11/17 (Russian submarines was published first 2019/10/13)

Italian Navy 2019/12/01

Spanish Navy 2019/12/04

French Navy 2019/12/06

Indian Navy 2019/12/11

Republic of Korea 2019/12/11 submarines added 2021/08/07 sub-page not yet built for auxiliaries and other ships

Japanese Navy 2019/12/15 and submarines added 2021/10/17

Egyptian Navy 2019/12/28

People’s Liberation Army Navy (China) 2020/01/12 Submarine page added 2021/10/19

Scrapping the Supercarrier topic 2020/02/07

Chinese Island Fortress Construction topic 2020/03/11

Romanian Navy 2020/04/26

Algerian Navy 2020/05/01

Brazilian Navy 2020/05/13

Navy of Argentina 2020/05/13

Peruvian Navy 2020/05/13

Chilean Navy 2020/05/14

Navy of Ecuador 2020/05/14

Indonesian Navy 2020/05/31

Navy of Singapore 2020/06/07

German Navy 2020/06/14 Cruisers sub-page for Prinz Eugen wreck added 2021/12/28

Royal Norwegian Navy 2020/06/15

Royal Danish Navy 2020/06/22

Royal Netherlands Navy 2020/06/24

Navy of Portugal 2020/07/11

Royal Thai Navy 2020/07/16

Turkish Navy 2020/07/27

Iranian Navy 2020/08/07

Navy of Pakistan 2020/08/17

Greek Navy 2020/09/05

Navy of Myanmar 2020/09/15

Bulgarian Navy 2020/09/22

Mexican Navy 2020/10/25

Royal Moroccan Navy 2020/11/02

Republic of China – Taiwan 2020/11/14 Mine Warfare sub-page added 2022/09/01

North Korea 2020/12/18

Navy of Bangladesh 2021/02/07

Royal Malaysian Navy 2021/02/21

Navy of South Africa 2021/03/12

Navy of Colombia 2021/03/13

Polish Navy 2021/03/21

Navy of Vietnam 2021/04/09

Swedish Navy 2021/04/23

Royal Saudi Navy 2021/04/25

Navy of the Philippines 2021/05/07

Sri Lanka Navy 2021/05/24

Navy of Venezuela 2021/06/09

Small Navies of the World – Great Ships (major units of other navies not found in separate lists) 2021/05/24

Shipsearcher Pirate Navy of DOOM!! 2021/09/03

The World’s sail training ships, sailing warships and replicas 2021/12/22

Navy of Ukraine 2022/03/22 broken out of small navies lists and expanded

Credit CJ Hoffman via wikimedia. [Edited from original and Google imagery added]
* The Israeli Navy would be part of this project, but there has not been satellite imagery loaded on Google Earth of sufficient quality for the principal naval facilities of Haifa, Ashdod, or Eilat, to justify creating pages.

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