Royal New Zealand Navy – Current and Retired

Devonport NZ 1963

1963 view of the RNZN facility at Devonport, across from Auckland, provided to Google Earth by the North Shore City Council

Royal New Zealand Navy 13 ship classes documented with 22 vessel captures


Anzac Class LOA 358′ TDISP 3,600 tons (2 active) in service since 1997

HMNZS Te Mana F-111 during RIMPAC, July 2018 US Navy 4585399 PO2 Devin Langer

RNZN Anzac class frigate Devonport 2006.jpgRNZN Anzac class frigate Devonport 2000

Leander Class LOA 372′ TDISP 3,200 tons (4 served with RNZN, all retired, 3 sunk as dive sites, 1 scrapped)

HMNZS Wellington F-69 (1982 – 1999) originally HMS Bacchante (1969 – 1982) sunk 2005 near Wellington as dive wreck

HMNZS Wellington NARA

HMNZS Wellington at a pier, Apia, Samoa 1987 [Detail of] NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SC-92-06486 OS2 John Bouvia

HMNZS Wellington Leander class Auckland NZ 2000


HMNZS Wellington alongside the French naval vessel Dumont D’Urville, Western Samoa, 1987 [Detail of] NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SC-92-05762 OS2 John Bouvia

HMNZS Waikato F-55 (1966 – 1998) Sunk as dive reef 2000

HMNZS Waikato devonport 1997

Ghosting is from 1963 image of Devonport, which is overlaid in an area with no 1997 coverage.

HMNZS Canterbury F-421 (1971 – 2005) sunk as dive reef 2007HMNZS Canterbury Devonport NZ 2006

Rothesay Class LOA 370′ TDISP 2,200 tons (2 served with RNZN, 1960 – 1983)

Rothesay Class Devonport 1963

Note distinctive pulpit style bridge front, and well deck for the dual Limbo ASW mortars on the quarterdeck, which were removed in the late 1970s. RN ship listing also has a modernized Rothesay


HMNZS Taranaki at Pearl Harbor ca. 1963 U.S. Department of Defense [Public domain] orginal source US Navy All Hands Magazine Feb. 1964 p.20

Loch Class LOA 307′ TDISP 1,500 tons (6 served with RNZS 1948 – 1967)

HMNZS Kaniere

Ca. 1955 Port view of HMNZS Kaniere F-426 (ex-HMS Loch Achray) © Australian War Memorial 306394

Loch Class A Devonport 1963Loch Class B Devonport 1963Loch Class C Devonport 1963Loch Class D Devonport 1963

Loch Class E Devonport 1963

possibly HMNZS Hawea (F422),ex-HMS Loch Eck (K422)based on awnings fitted it looks like this could be during her service as a Harbour Training Ship.


Bathurst Class LOA 186′ TDISP 1,025 tons (4 served with RNZS 1952 – 1979) originally classified as minesweepers

HMNZS Stalwall

HMNZS Stawell M-348 underway © IWM (FL 19351)

Bathurst Class Devonport 1963

Multi-role vessel

HMNZS Canterbury L-421 (2007) LOA 430′ TDISP 9,000 tons

Ships depart: Sea phase of Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) Exercise 2014

HMNZS Canterbury departing Pearl Harbor during RIMPAC 2014 US Navy 1440980 LSIS Peter Thompson

HMNZS Canterbury Devonport NZ 2016

Patrol Vessels

Protector Class (or Otago Class) Offshore Patrol LOA 279′ TDISP 1,900 tons in commission since 2010 (2 active)

HMNZS Wellington P-55 (2010)Protector Class Devonport 2016HMNZS Otago P-148 (2010)


HMNZS Otago during cooperative patrols with USS Shoup, 2018 US Navy 4794873 Lt. Cmdr. William Hinson

HMNZS Otago protector class Devonport 2012

Protector-class (also known as the Rotoiti class and the Lake class) Inshore Patrol LOA 180′ TDISP 340 tons (4, active since 2009, 2 laid up)Protector class inshore Devonport 2016

Moa Class LOA 89′ TDISP 105 tons (7 all retired)

HMNZS Hinau (1985 – 2007)HMNZS Hinau Devonport NZ 2006HMNZS Tarapunga (ca. 1985 – 2000) and HMNZS Takapu (ca. 1985 – 2000)Moa Class PBs devonport 1997

Replenishment / Resupply

HMNZS Endeavour A-11 LOA 453′ TDISP (loaded) 12,300 tons (1988 – 2017)


HMNZS Endeavour near Aloha Tower, Honululu, RIMPAC 2012 US Navy 619150 New Zealand Defence Force Photo by: LAC Amanda McErlich

HMNZS Endeavour Devonport 2011.jpg

Hydrographic Support or Diving Tenders

Unknown vessel at Naval Dockyard possibly newly commissioned HMNZS Manawanui (2019) originally built 2003 LOA 278′ TDISP 5,700 tons

HMNZS Manawanui Devonport 2017

Despite the attribution to the new Manawanui, we are doubtful of this identification. This vessel is similar, with the same distinctive paint scheme, but altogether has more structures at the stern.

HMNZS Resolution A-14 (former USN Stalwart-class) (1997-2012) LOA 223′ TDISP 2,300 tonsHMNZS Resolution A14 Devonport 2006.jpg

HMNZS Manawanui A-09 (1988 – 2018) LOA 141′ TDISP 911 tonsHMNZS Manawanui Devonport 2006