We hope visitors will find these pages of interest. As of 2019, they combine two very different strands: Canadian War trophies and naval vessel imagery interpretation under the “shipsearcher” tabs. We are interested in interpreting history by examining records and artifacts. When credit is due we will strive to provide it. Any errors are our own.

We would like to acknowledge individuals and institutions that have been helpful to this project.

Institutions: Library and Archives Canada, Canadian War Museum, Parks Canada, Royal Canadian Artillery Museum, CFB Shilo, MA, Royal Military College of Canada Museum, Kingston, ON, Brome County Historical Society, Knowlton QC, The Army Museum, Halifax Citadel, Sandy Cove Veteran’s Club, Innisfil ON, Soldier’s Tower Committee, University of Toronto, The Swords and Ploughshares Museum, Kars, ON, Stanstead Historical Society/Colby-Curtis Museum, Stanstead, QC

Good folks have helped with advice, photos, or information related to this project. They know who they are!

All errors are my own, or those of legacy bureaucracy and long deceased records creators. Blessed are the record maintainers!

4 thoughts on “Intro”

  1. Good job on your website Alex. Nicely put together. I hope you have had some success with Trevor Robertson about the 2nd field gun he has on his property.

    Edwin (Ted) Gemmell, Sandycove Acres.

  2. I am a modeler and I would have a few questions. How can I contact you to send e-mail, for example?Michał

    1. Hi Michal. send me your email address by comment, and I won’t approve it, so it will not become visible but I will have it to respond. I am trying to avoid bots.

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