Small Navies of the World – Great Ships

The rest of the World! This page groups together current and retired ships, from a variety of the World’s smaller naval forces. Generally we define these as navies possessing less than 3 frigates or larger surface combatants.* 104 ship classes documented with 156 captures.

See lower pages for ship views and photo credits:





Corvettes and Patrol Ships


Landing Ships

Omani Naval Ship Nasr al Bahr and HMS Monmouth During Exercise Khanjar Ha’ad near Oman

Mine Warfare Ships

FNS Uusimaa_Särkänsalmi_2

Auxiliaries and Other Ships

Shabab Oman II Langerak_(Aalborg_Kommune).TSR_2019.Shabab_Oman_2.2.ajb

*this definition was loosely applied. Please also see the associated list of other navy pages (in menu tabs under “Shipsearcher Intro”) or the release history page for the many navies documented on other pages.

** The Isreali Navy would be part of this project, but there has not been satellite imagery loaded on Google Earth of sufficient quality for the principal naval facilities of Haifa, Ashdod, or Eilat, to justify creating pages (as of 2022). Once new imagery is added that has sufficient resolution to show major warships, a page should be created.

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