Small Navies of the World – Submarines


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Cuba – Delfin midget submarine LOA 68′ / 20.7 m TDISP 100 tons. (entered service early 2000s) Information from Hi Sutton’s Covert Shores entry. Very little information about this midget submarine.

Delfin midget sub Havana 2021

Estonia – EML Lembit (1937-1979) Kalev class mine-laying submarine LOA 195′ / 59.4 m TDISP 850 tons submerged. Preserved since 1994. Moved inside and refurbished 2011.

EML Lembit Talinn Allveelaev_Lembit
EML Lembit in Talinn, ca. 2008. Credit: et:User:Siim7n7, CC BY-SA 2.5 , via Wikimedia Commons

EML Lembit museum boat Talinn 2011

Finland – Vesikko (1934-1946) Coastal Submarine LOA 134′ / 40.8 m TDISP 300 tons submerged. Museum boat at Helsinki at the Finnish Military Museum.

Vesikko on display, July 2016, showing the camouflage scheme that appears in wartime photos. Credit: Zache, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Vesikko sub museum Helsinki 2015

Libya – Foxtrot class Project 641. (6, 4 scrapped, 1 may be semi-operational, 1 appears to have sunk at Al Khums in mid-2014) LOA 300′ / 91.4 m TDISP 2,500 tons submerged. Foxtrot SS Bengazi 2021Foxtrot SS Al Khums 2014Foxtrot SS Al Khums 2019

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