Russian / Soviet Submarines

Drydock Severodvinsk 2018

Sevmash Shipyards, Severodvinsk, with screening panels, showing a Typhoon Class SSBN, likely TK-208 Dmitriy Donskoy, undergoing work.

Russian Navy / Soviet Navy Submarines 15 submarine classes documented with 34 vessel captures.

Ballistic Missile Nuclear-powered Submarines (SSBN)

Typhoon Class SSBN (1 active, 2 in reserve, 3 scrapped) World’s largest submarines LOA 574′ TDISP 47,000 tons submerged


Typhoon class SSBN 1985 NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SN-86-00733

TK-208 Dmitry Donskoy (1981) In active service with Northern Fleet, upgradedTyphoon TK208 Murmansk 2018Typhoon TK208 Sevmash 2018

Typhoon class at sea, ca. 2006. Courtesy of the Bellona Foundation.

TK-17 Arkhangelsk (1987) and TK-18 Severstal (1989) Both in reserve since 2006Typhoons TK17 and TK18 Sevmash 2019.jpgTK-202 (1983) Scrapped at Severodvinsk 2002-2005 with US aidTyphoon TK-202 Scrap Sevmash 2003.jpg

The waterline view of the fictional Red October of Tom Clancy’s novel, distinguishable by the teardrop shaped towed sonar housing on the rudder. Warsearcher Collection.

Delta III and IV Classes SSBN LOA 520′ TDISP 18,200 tons submerged (21, approx.7 active)


Delta IV class submarine 1994 NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SC-96-00524


Delta III class based at Northern Fleet 1997 NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SC-97-00214


Delta III submarine 1994 NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SN-96-00405

Podmoskovye BS-64 Special Mission Submarine modified Delta IV Class (1986, modified 2016 – lengthened) new LOA 571′ – science vessel with the ability to berth deep submergence submarines like the Losharik (see bottom of listing for this submersible).Borei Class SSBN LOA 557′ TDISP 24,000 tons submerged (4-3 active)

Knyaz Vladimir K-549 (2019) – sea trials

Knyaz Vladimir Borei Class SSBN Severodvinsk 2018

View of boat fitting out shows all 8 missile tubes on starboard side open.

Yuriy Dolgorukiy K-535 (2013)Alexander Nevsky K-550 (2013)

Yankee Class SSBN LOA 433′ – 520′ (several variants) TDISP 9,400 tons submerged (34, 1, K-219, lost, rest retired and scrapped)


K-219 on the surface after having been damaged by a missile propellant fire October 1986, before it sank NARA: 330-CFD-DN-ST-87-00760

K-403 Kazan “Big Nose” – Project 09780 Akson-2 – (1971 – ca. 2008) LOA ca. 505′ one of last Yankees, experimental boat for trials of new Irtysh sonar, dismantled 2010 at Severodvinsk.

Yankee Class big nose Severodvinsk 2004

Identification of K-403 based on wikipedia article on Yankee Class, which lists this boat as dismantled in the nearby drydock, in 2010. This boat was in multiple Severodvinsk captures 2004-2010.

Cruise Missile Nuclear-powered (SSGN) and conventionally-powered (SSG) submarines

Oscar II Class SSGN LOA 508′ maximum TDISP 19,400 tons submerged (12 built: 8 active, 1 fitting out as special mission variant, 2 scrapped, 1 lost)


Oscar II class submarine, showing the distinctive wide body, 1994 NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SN-96-00408

Oscar II Pacific Fleet 2018 testBelgorod K-329 (launched 2019, projected to enter service 2020) Heavily modified research “science” submarine derived from an uncompleted Oscar II Class – World’s longest submarine LOA ca. 580′ TDISP unknown, likely around 24,000 tons submerged (identification from HI Sutton’s site Covert Shores).

Belgorod Sevmash 2019

According to HI Sutton’s website, this is Belgorod, the modified Oscar II class sub that has raised a lot of attention. It does appear consistent – a lengthened Oscar II hull with the cruise missile compartments removed, giving the hull a much narrower look. The sail is about the right size and the rudder like other Oscar boats. Oscars have more length below the water aft for the propellers than a Typhoon class, making a length of 580′ possible (indicated in yellow). The identification is mostly a case of elimination – it is clearly not a Typhoon and no other submarine (in the World) is this length

Oscar I class SSGN LOA 469′ TDISP 16,500 tons submerged (2, both scrapped)

K-206 Murmansk (1983) and K-525 (1980) Arkhangelsk, both scrapped 2004-2011 Severodvinsk, with British financial assistance.Oscar I scrapping Severodvinsk 2003Oscar I scrapping Severodvinsk 2004

Juliett Class SSG LOA 298′ TDISP 4,100 tons submerged (16, all retired, 1 preserved)

K-24 (1965 – 1994) museum boat Peenemünde, Germany, U-boat Museum as “U-461”K-24 Juliett Class Peenemünde 2018K-24 Juliett Class Peenemünde 2015K-77 (1965 – 1992) – museum submarine Providence RI, USA, used as “K-19” in the movie Widowmaker, starring Harrison Ford, in Halifax NS. Purchased by Saratoga Museum and towed to Collier Point Park, displayed 2002-2007 . Sank 2007 at its moorings and was scrapped by 2009 after US navy divers raised most of the deteriorated sub.K-77 Providence 2003.jpgK-77 Providence 2009.jpg

K-77 Providence 2010

Capture is annotated to highlight location of the K-77 during scrapping

K-77 Providence 2018

Capture is annotated to highlight location of the K-77 during scrapping

Attack Submarines (SSN) Nuclear powered and (SS) conventional

Akula II or III Class SSN LOA 372′ TDISP 13,500 tons submerged (15 built over several variants, about 10 in service or refitting)SSNs Severodvinsk 2019

Kilo Class SS LOA 230 – 242′ TDISP 3,000 – 3,900 tons submerged (70 built, about 60 still in service with many navies)

Kilo class SS Polyarny 2018

Tango Class SS LOA 299′ TDISP 3,800 tons submerged (18, all retired, 3 preserved)

B-307 (1980 – 2001) Toyiatti Museum, Samara

B-307 Tango class Samara 2018

Note torpedo positioned half in one of the bow tubes.

B-396 (1980 – 2003) Moscow Naval MuseumB-396 Tango class Moscow 2019B-515 (1976 – 2002) preserved in Hamburg U-boat museumB-515 Tango class Hamburg 2015

Foxtrot Class SS LOA 299′ TDISP 4,500 tons submerged (74, 7 preserved, 1 lost)

B-427 Scorpion (1971) – was a museum submarine beside the RMS Queen Mary, 1998-ca. 2012, but will now likely be scrappedB-427 Soviet Foxtrot Long Beach CA 2016.jpgB-39 (1967) museum submarine since 2005 at San Diego CAB-39 Soviet Foxtrot San Diego CA 2011B-49 (1967) waiting for restoration near Strood on Medway River, UK, since 2003B-49 Soviet Foxtrot Strood UK 2003.jpg

Zulu Class SS LOA 295′ TDISP 2,400 tons submerged (26 built, 1 known to still exist) 6 boats modified to take missiles (5 of which are called Zulu V boats)

Zulu Amsterdam 1 20190919_103812

The B-80 as it exists in 2019. Photo courtesy of Tom Smyth.


B-80 Zulu Class boat, Amsterdam, 2008. Courtesy Anrie [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]

B-80 (1957 – 1990) sold to Dutch entrepreneurs, to Den Helder where it was briefly a floating bar, then to Amsterdam, several efforts to convert or preserve it failed.Zulu Class SS B-80 Amsterdam 2018

Whiskey Class SS LOA 249′ TDISP 1,300 submerged (236 built-21 in China, 2 preserved)


Whiskey Class patrol submarine, 1983 NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SN-84-01499

Ex-S-290 transferred to Indonesia as KRI Pasopati (1952 – 1994) museum boat since 1998, Surabaya.KRI Pasopati Surabaya 2018

K-Class SS LOA 320′ TDISP 2,600 submerged (12, 5 sunk during Second World War, 1 preserved)

K-21 (1941 – 1959) training boat ca. 1960 – 1980, Memorial boat in Severomorsk since 1983K-21 submarine severomorsk 2019

Deep Submergence nuclear powered submarine

Losharik unique deep diving nuclear-powered submarine (2003) LOA 240′ TDISP 2,100 tons submerged. For special missions, can be fitted to both Podmoskovye and Belgorod submarines (see above). This boat was extensively damaged and 14 crew members killed 1 July 2019, reportedly in Ura Bay. It appears to have been operating near a mothership at the time.

Losharik Sevmash 2019

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