Japanese Navy Surface Units – Current and Retired

Japanese Navy Surface Units, officially named the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF). Ships were prefixed “JDS” (Japanese Defense Ship) until 2008, when the were redesignated “JS” (Japanese Ship). These pages use JS. 20 ship classes documented with 30 captures

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Aircraft Carriers

Maneuvers with the Japanese maritime self-defense force

Battleships (1 preserved)

Mikasa Battleship Yokosuka 2018

Amphibious Assault Ships

Dawn Blitz exercise


U.S., Japanese, Australian, and Canadian Navies Participate in ANNUALEX 19

Frigates (includes small destroyers)

JMSDF Asagiri 6452366

Corvettes and Patrol Vessels (includes Destroyer Escorts)

JS Oyodo DE-231 and JS Chikuma DE-233 ominato 2018

Auxiliaries and Other Ships