Japanese Navy – Corvettes and Patrol Vessels

Japanese Navy Corvettes and Patrol Vessels JMSDF uses the term Destroyer Escorts but by size and role these can be considered corvettes

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Abukuma Class destroyer escort LOA 357′ / 108.8 m TDISP 2,500 tons (6 active, service since 1989)Abukuma Class destroyer escort Okinawa 2014Sendai DE-232 (1991)Sendai DE-232 Kyoto 2016Abukuma DE-229 (1989) and Tone DE-234 (1993)abukuma and tone kure 2012JS Oyodo DE-231 (1991) and JS Chikuma DE-233 (1993)JS Oyodo DE-231 and JS Chikuma DE-233 ominato 2018.jpg

Yubari Class destroyer escort LOA 299′ / 91.1 m TDISP 1,700 tons (2 retired, service 1983-2010)

JS Yubari DE-227 (1983 – 2010) and JS Yubetsu DE-228 (1984 – 2010)JS Yubari DE-227 and JS Yubetsu DE-228 ominato 2011

Patrol Ships

Hayabusa Class LOA 164′ / 50 m TDISP 240 tons (6 active, service since 2002)

JS Umitaka PG-828 Credit: 海上自衛隊, CC BY 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Hayabusa class PV Maizuru 2016

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