Japanese Navy Aircraft Carriers

Aircraft Carriers

Izumo Class LOA 814′ TDISP 27,000 tons (2 active)

Maneuvers with the Japanese maritime self-defense force
Izumo DDH-183 aft of MV Asterix, Canadian replenishment vessel, Operation Projection 2019. Photo lacks credit info on Combat Camera database, but was likely taken by Corporal Stuart Evans, BORDEN Imaging Services XA01-2019-0035-690 © 2019 DND-MDN Canada

JS Izumo DDH-183 (2015)

JS Kaga DDH-184 (2017) – bears the name of the carrier that led the Attack on Pearl Harbor, 7 Dec. 1941, and was sunk at Midway 4 June 1942.

Hyūga Class ASW Carrier LOA 646′ TDISP 19,000 tons (2 active)

Keen Sword 2013
JS Ise DDH-182 at the close of Exercise Keen Sword 2013 US Navy Official 787252 LT Denver Applehans

Hyūga DDH-181 (2009)

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