Small Navies of the World – Auxiliaries and Other Ships

Auxiliaries and Other Ships

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Azerbaijan – T-710 (formerly Oka) Luga class (ca. 1975) (Project 888) Polish built, similar to Wodnik class. LOA 234′ TDISP 1,850 tonsT-710 Luga class training ship Azerbaijan 2018

Azerbaijan – A-571 Research Ship LOA 413′ (1992) USSR built 1985 river tanker. Research ship, possibly used as a submersible mother ship. A-571 research ship azerbaijan 2010

Belgium – BNS Godetia A-960 (1966) Command and Support Ship LOA 301′ TDISP 2,300 tons

BNS Godetia A-960, 2005. Credit: AlfvanBeem, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Godetia Zeebrugge 2007

Dominican Republic – Juan Bautista Cambiaso BE-01 (2018) Sail Training ship LOA 177′ TDISP unknown. Formerly Royal Helena, built 2009 at Varna, Bulgaria. Juan Bautista Cambiaso sail traning Santo Domingo DR 2019

Equatorial Guinea – Djibloho survey/research ship (2000) 343′ TDISP 4,500 tons. Formerly Russian geological research ship (1989). Attacked by pirates May 2020. DJIBLOHO research ship Equatorial Guinea 2013DJIBLOHO research ship Equatorial Guinea 2003

Ethiopia – Ethiopia A-01 Barnegat Class Seaplane Tender (1962-1991) LOA 310′ TDISP 2,500 tons. Formerly USN USS Orca AVP-49 (1944-1960) 3 battle stars for Pacific War service, and was a supply ship during the Bikini Atoll Nuclear Bomb testing. Transferred to Ethiopia 1962, under the Military Assistance Plan, used as a training ship and the flagship. Fled Eritrean service after the civil war, 1991 when Ethiopia lost the coastal regions to the newly-independent Eritrea. Several ships fled to Yemen. Hulked in Yemen. Supposedly sold for scrap 1993, but actually survived mostly intact until 2003, according to the images of Yemen. Gradually dismantled in situ until about 2012.

USS Orca AVP-49 NHHC 80-G-668276
USS Orca AVP-49 underway April 1955. Courtesy of the Naval History and Heritage Command. NARA 80-G-668276.

Ethiopia A-01 Barnegat Class Yemen 2003Ethiopia A-01 Barnegat Class scrap Yemen 2012

USS Orca AVP-49 1944 19-N-61647
USS Orca AVP-49 Feb. 1944, two weeks after commissioning. Courtesy of the Naval History and Heritage Command NARA: 19-N-61647

Finland – FNS Louhi 999 (2009) Pollution Control Vessel LOA 234′ TDISP 3,450 tons.Louhi pollution control Upinniemi, Finland

Libya – Zeltin Repair / Maintenance ship (1969-ca. 2000) LOA 324′ TDISP 2,400 tons . Vosper Thornycroft built. Sank at dock ca 2010.

Zeltin repair ship Libya 2017 Zeltin repair ship Libya 2006

Lithuania – Valerian Uryvayev class tender/survey/training LOA180′ TDISP 1,050 tons (2, service since 1992) Formerly Russian oceanographic ships built early 1980s. Valerian Uryvayev class Lithuania 2004

Oman – High Speed Support Vessels HSSV Austal design LOA 238′ TDISP unknown. High-speed catamaran, smaller variant of the Spearhead class Expeditionary Transport. (2 active, service since 2016) HSSV WS Oman 2020

Nigeria – NNS Lana A-498 hydrographic Survey (1976-2010) LOA 190′ TDISP 1,100 tons. Appears to have sunk at her Lagos berth mid-2016 and been scrapped.NNS Lana A-498 Lagos 2013NNS Lana A-498 sunk Lagos 2016

Oman – SNV Al Dhaferah support ship (1987) LOA 448′ TDISP 10,970 tons. Formerly SNV Fulk al Salamah until 2016.  Fulk al Salamah support ship WS Oman 2018

Oman – Al-Mabrukah training/patrol ship (1982 – converted to role ca.2018) LOA 340′ TDISP 3,300 tons. Italian-built former Royal Yacht Al-Said .(always name of one of the currently serving yachts)Al Said Royal Yacht WS Oman 2021

Oman – SNV Al Mabrukah Training/Patrol Ship Q-30 (1971 converted 1983) LOA 203′ TDISP 900 tons. Brooke Marine, British built former Royal Yacht Al Said converted to training ship 1983. Transferred to Cyprus Navy 2017 as Alasia.Al Mabrukah PS-Royal Yacht WS Oman 2015Alasia PS-cyprus 2019

Oman – Shabab Oman II (2014) Sail Training Ship LOA 285′ TDISP 750 gt.

Shabab Oman II Langerak_(Aalborg_Kommune).TSR_2019.Shabab_Oman_2.2.ajb
Shabab Oman II at a Tall Ships race, 2019, at Langerak. Credit: Bild: © Ajepbah / Wikimedia Commons

Shabab Oman II WS Oman 2021

Senegal – Itaf Deme Fisheries Research ship LOA 125′ TDISP 320 tons modified fisheries vessel, no dates available on construction or conversion. Itaf Deme fisheries Dakar Senegal 2021

Syria – Al Assad Training Ship (1988) LOA 345′ TDISP 3,500 tons Polish built.

Syria – Natya Project 266M (1985) LOA 200′ TDISP 800 tons. Originally minesweeper, converted to resupply / replenishment

Ukraine – Donbas U-500 – Amur Class (1997) LOA 400′ TDISP 5,600 tons

Donbas U500 Salute_Navy_Day_2012_G4
Donbas U-500 in Sevastopol, 2012 [Detail of]. Credit: George Chernilevsky, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Ukrainian command ship Donbas 2019 Odessa

Ukraine – Slavutich U-510 – Bambuk Class (1992) command ship LOA 350′ TDISP 5,500 tons

Navy_in_Sevastopol_bay_2012_[DETAIL OF] G01
Slavutich U-510, Sevastopol Bay, 2012 [Detail of] Credit: George Chernilevsky, Public domain,via Wikimedia Commons

Slavutich U-510 bambuk class Sevastopol 2010


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