Royal New Zealand Navy – Corvettes and Patrol Vessels

Royal New Zealand Navy Corvettes and Patrol Vessels

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Bathurst Class LOA 186′ TDISP 1,025 tons (4 served with RNZS 1952 – 1979) originally classified as minesweepers

HMNZS Stalwall
HMNZS Stawell M-348 underway © IWM (FL 19351)

Bathurst Class Devonport 1963

Patrol Vessels

Protector Class (or Otago Class) Offshore Patrol LOA 279′ TDISP 1,900 tons in commission since 2010 (2 active)

HMNZS Wellington P-55 (2010)Protector Class Devonport 2016HMNZS Otago P-148 (2010)

HMNZS Otago during cooperative patrols with USS Shoup, 2018 US Navy 4794873 Lt. Cmdr. William Hinson

HMNZS Otago protector class Devonport 2012

Protector-class (also known as the Rotoiti class and the Lake class) Inshore Patrol LOA 180′ TDISP 340 tons (4, active since 2009, 2 laid up)Protector class inshore Devonport 2016

Moa Class LOA 89′ TDISP 105 tons (7 all retired)

HMNZS Hinau (1985 – 2007)HMNZS Hinau Devonport NZ 2006HMNZS Tarapunga (ca. 1985 – 2000) and HMNZS Takapu (ca. 1985 – 2000)Moa Class PBs devonport 1997

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