Philippine Navy – Corvettes and Patrol Ships

Corvettes and Patrol Ships

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BRP Conrado Yap PS-39 (2019) Pohang Class corvette LOA 290′ / 88.4 m TDISP 1,220 tons formerly South Korean ROKS Chungju PCC-762 1987-2016

BRP_Conrado_Yap_(PS-39) pohang class
BRP Conrado Yap PS-39, 2019. Credit: Philippine Navy, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

BRP Conrado Yap PS-39 Manila port 2020

Jacinto class corvettes LOA 205′ / 62.5 m TDISP 712 tons (3 active, service since 1997) formerly these were Peacock class corvettes/patrol vessels with the Royal Navy’s Hong Kong squadron.

BRP Apolinario Mabini PS-36 (1997) formerly HMS Plover P-240 (1984-1997)

ESSEX Amphibious Ready Group
BRP Apolinario Mabini PS-36 during Exercise Balikatan 2010 (U.S. Navy photo 1346709 by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Mark R. Alvarez/Released)

BRP Apolinario Mabini PS-36 Manila HQ 2010

BRP Artemio Ricarte PS-37 (1997) formerly HMS Starling P-241 (1984-1997)

HMS Starling P-241 at the very beginning of her Royal Navy Career, at Aberdeen, May 1984. Credit: Mean as custard, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

BRP Artemio Ricarte PS-37 Cavite 2010

BRP Emilio Jacinto PS-35 (1997) formerly HMS Peacock P-239 (1983-1997) BRP Emilio Jacinto PS-35 Cavite 2017

Rizal Class corvettes  LOA 222′ / 67.7 m TDISP 1,250 tons (Philippine Navy service 1960-2021, 4 units, 2 recently retired, may be preserved) formerly USN Auk Class minesweepers (USN service 1944-ca.1966)

BRP Quezon PS-70 (1967-2021) formerly Auk Class minesweeper USS Vigilance AMS-324 (1944-1966) Distinguished WW2 Pacific Campaign service (detailed summary at wiki article).

BRP Manuel L. Quezon (70), August 2009, off Bitung and off Manad
BRP Manuel L. Quezon PS-70, off Bitung, August 2009 credit: 1t0pe125 via wikipedia

BRP Quezon PS-70 Cavite 2018

BRP Rizal PS-74 (1965-2020) formerly Auk class minesweeper USS Murrelet AM-372 (1945-1964) Participated in Korean War sweeping operations.

Auk ClassBRP RIZAL (PS 74) detail of NARA
Auk Class BRP RIZAL (PS 74) ex-USS Murrelet In service with the Philippine Navy, 2005 Detail of NARA 330-CFD-DN-SD-06-05158

BRP Rizal PS-74 Cavite 2018

Miguel Malvar Class corvette/Ocean Patrol Vessel (8, 1 lost, 2 still active in 2021).  LOA 184′ / 56.1 m TDISP 400 tons. originally made up of three distinct classed of US WW2 wartime ships: Admirable class minesweepers, PCE-842 class patrol and rescue escorts. Some of the units had South Vietnamese (Republic of Vietnam Navy) service.

BRP Malvar
BRP Miguel Malvar PS-19, ca 2015. Commissioned in 1944 as USS Brattleboro PCE(R)-852, she later served in the Republic of Vietnam Navy (South Vietnam) as RVNS Ngọc Hồi HQ-12 (1966-1975) before fleeing to Subic Bay and being taken into Philippine naval service. Credit: 1t0pe125, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Malvar class OPV Lapu-Lapu 2016

BRP Magat Salamat PS-20 (1975) formerly Admirable class minesweeper USS Gayety AM-239 (1945-1954). Served in the Pacific War sweeping around the Japanese home islands. Transferred to Republic of Vietnam Navy (South Vietnam) as RVNS Chi Lăng II HQ-08 (1962-1975) escaped to Philippines to be commissioned. If this is still in commission it is one of the oldest active patrol ships.

BRP Magat Salamat PS-20 ca. 2014. Credit: Ensign Herlijk F Gregorio PN, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

BRP Magat Salamat PS-20 Lapu-Lapu 2018

BRP Pangasinan PS-31 (1948-2021) formerly PCE-842 class USS PCE-891 (1944-1948)

PCE-891 building NHHC 194319-N-61177
PCE-891 under construction (outboard vessel) at the Willamette Iron and Steel Corporation, Portland, Oregon during early 1944. This veteran of WW2 would serve an incredibly long career in the Philippine Navy, as BRP Pangasinan PS-31, until March 2021. Courtesy of the Naval History and Heritage Command. NARA 19-N-61177.

BRP Pangasinan PS-31 Cavite 2015

BRP Iloilo PS-32 (1948-2016) formerly PCE-842 class USS PCE-897 (1945-1948)

BRP Iloilo PS-32 Philippines 2018

Patrol Ships

BRP General Mariano Alvarez PS-38 (2004) Cyclone Class coastal patrol vessel LOA 179′ / 54.6 m TDISP 400 tons formerly USS Cyclone (1993-2004)

BRP Mariano Alvarez passing breakwater, 2010. Credit: Filipinas40 via Wikipedia.

BRP Gen Mariano Alvares Cavite 2018

Aguinaldo class patrol vessels LOA 144′ / 43.9 m TDISP 240 tons(2 retired, service 1990-2016, 1 uncompleted hulk)Aguinaldo class PV Cavite 2018Aguinaldo class PV Cavite 2010Aguinaldo class hulk Cavite 2010

Kagitingan class patrol vessels LOA 121′ / 36.9 m TDISP 150 tons (2 active, 2 retired, service since 1979)

BRP Bagong Silang PG-104 at the 2015 APEC Summit. Credit: RoyKabanlit, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

BRP Bagong Silang PB-104 (1983) BRP Bagong Silang (PB-104) PV Cavite 2018

Kagitingan class PB Cavite 2010

Tomas Batilo class patrol boats LOA 112′ / 34.1 m TDISP 150 tons (7, all retired, service 1996-2021) Originally units of the 75 unit Korean-built Sea Dolphin (PKM 200) class patrol boats. ROKN service (ca.1978-2005). A length of 121′ quoted in most sources seems inaccurate against multiple views.

BRP Tomas Batilo PC-110 (1996-2003) Formerly Republic of Korea PKM-225 (1978-1995) Sank in a typhoon at the base. Raised with USN assistance and salvaged 2009.Tomas Batilo class PB derelict Cavite 2010

BRP Dionisio Ojeda PC-117 (2006-2016) Sunk as target 2018. Formerly Republic of Korea Navy PKM-232 (1970s-2006)

U.S., Philippine rescue survivors
BRP Dionisio Ojeda PG-117 involved in the rescue of survivors from a ferry accident, 2016.USN Courtesy photo 202581

BRP Dionisio Ojeda PC-117 Davao City 2015

Tomas Batilo class PB Cavite 2015

Tomas Batilo class PB Cavite 2018Tomas Batilo Class PB Lapu-Lapu 2018

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