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Mine Warfare Vessels


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Agile / Agressive Class wooden-hulled sweepers. LOA 172′ / 52.4 m TDISP 775 tons (53, 2 preserved, several transferred to other navies, 1 still active with Taiwan in 2022)

USS Constant MSO-427 1982 NARA: 330-CFD-DN-ST-82-10504 Norman Polmar
USS Fearless (MSO 442) 1989 NARA: DNST8908735 PH1 Smith

USS Lucid AM-458 (1955-1976) Museum Ship Stockton CA under restorationUSS Lucid Stockton CA 2013

Onverschrokken AM-483 (1955 – 1987) built for Netherlands, converted to torpedo retrieval ship Mercuur A-856 preserved as Museum Ship in Scheveningenmercuur scheveningen 2008

Auk Class (95 built) LOA 221′ / 67.4 m TDISP 1,100 tons

Auk ClassBRP RIZAL (PS 74) detail of NARA
Auk Class BRP RIZAL (PS 74) ex-USS Murrelet In service with the Philippine Navy, 2005 Detail of NARA 330-CFD-DN-SD-06-05158

ex-USS Vigilance AM-324 (1944) transferred 1967 to Philippine Navy as BRP Quezon (PS-70), still in service as a patrol corvette, one of oldest active warships in World, with US service in the Pacific Theater and 3 Battle Stars.BRP Quezon ex-USS Vigilance Sangley Pt. Phillipines 2018.jpg

BRP Manuel L. Quezon (70), August 2009, off Bitung and off Manad
BRP Manuel L. Quezon (70), August 2009 credit: 1t0pe125

Admirable Class LOA 144′ / 43.9 m TDISP 530 tons (123, 1 preserved)

USS Admirable AM-136 80-G-411693
USS Admirable AM-136 ca. 1943 80-G-411693 Courtesy of the Naval History and Heritage Command (original in collection of National Archives)

USS Hazard AM-240 (1944-1971) Museum Ship Freedom Park Omaha NBUSS Hazard Omaha NB 2018USS Inaugural AM-242 (1944-1967) Museum Ship St. Louis MO 1968-1993 wrecked during 1993 Great Flood, 3″ 50 caliber deck gun still in place 2012USS Inaugural wreck St Louis MO 2012.jpg

Lapwing Class LOA 188′ / 57.3 m TDISP 840 tons (49, 1 derelict)

ex-USS Auk, AM-38 (1918-1920) in reserve recommissioned as USC & GS Discoverer for survey work (1921-1941) transferred back to Navy for wartime salvage work as USS Discoverer ARS-3, sold out of service in 1947 transferred to Venezuela as Felipe Larrazabal (R-11) 1947, decommissioned 1962, derelict hulk at Puerto Cabello

USS Auk AM-38 NH 45252
USS Auk AM-38, 1919 NH 45252 Courtesy Naval History and Heritage Command

USS Auk wreck 2018 Venezuela

Yard Minesweepers (YMS)

YMS-1 Class wooden minesweeper LOA 140′ / 42.7 m TDISP 270 tons (481 built, 30 lost in action, very few left)

USS AMC minesweepers HF 1950 HFX-12666
USS Barbet, AMS-41 (stern in foreground), USS Sea Gull AMS-55, and USS Robin AMS-53, all YMS-1, YMS-135 sub-class minesweepers, arrive in Halifax Oct. 1950. Credit: Library and Archives Canada / Department of National Defence HS-12666

USS YMS-328 (1943-1946) one of about 110 YMS-135 sub-class built. Became John Wayne’s yacht, Wild Goose. Extensively modified to carry passengers. Currently, back under that name, operates dinner cruises for Hornblower Cruises at Newport Beach, CA.Wild Goose USS YMS 328 Newport Beach 2018

Wild Goose in Newport Beach, CA, operated by Hornblower Cruises. Photograph by D Ramey Logan / [CC BY-SA]
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