ROCN – Taiwan – Mine Warfare Ships

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Yung Feng class LOA 163’/49.7m TDISP 508 tons German-built (4 active, service since 1991)

ROCS Yung Chia MSO-1302, Yung Feng class July 2022. Credit: 總統府, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

ROCS Yung Yang (USN Aggressive class) former USS Implicit AM-455/MSO-455 (1954-1994) transferred 1994. LOA 172’/52.4m TDISP 620 tons

ROCS Yung Ku MSO-1308, one of four Aggressive class USN minesweepers transferred to the ROC Navy. Only ROCS Yung Yang MSO-1306 is still in service as of 2022. No date. Credit: ROC Navy via wikimedia commons.

Yung Jin class (USN Osprey class) LOA 188’/57m TDISP 880 tons (2 active, transferred from USN, service since 2006)

Min Jiang class LOA 135’/41mTDISP 347 tons (4 active, service since 2020)

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