USN Retired Patrol Vessels

Patrol Craft

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Asheville Class Gunboats LOA 165′ TDISP 240 tons (17, 15 retired and sold to other navies, 2 were in service and Naval Surface Warfare Centers until ca. 2016)

USS Gallup art NH 85570-KN

USS Gallup PG-85 artwork Courtesy of the Naval History and Heritage Command NH 85570-KN (author not known)

Asheville Class US Gunboats Panama City FL

These are likely USS Chehalis (1969) and USS Grand Rapids (1977), both recently sold, with ex-USS Chehalis scrapped.

PCE-842-class LOA 184′ TDISP 850 tons

ex-USS PCE-897 (1945) transferred to Philippine Navy 1948 as BRP Iloilo PS-32 decommissioned 2016BRP Iloilo PS-32 Philippines 2018.jpg

Hydrofoil patrol vessels

Pegasus Class fast attack patrol boats LOA 133′ TDISP 255 tons (6 built, 1 preserved)

USS Aries PHM-5 (1982-1993) currently attempts are being made to create a hydrofoil museum with several preserved craft. Vessels originally armed with a 76mm gun and harpoon missile racks for 8 missiles on the stern.

USS Aries PHM-5 De Witt MO 2014

Aries has her bow and stern foils folded up out of the water, and all armament removed.

USS Gemini PHM-6 (1982-1993) retired near Wilmington NC, purchased by private owners who converted it in 2006 to a private yacht. Sold again and came back to same location by 2009. In 2011 was abandoned on site, and owner had it scrapped 2014. A youtube video shows conversion views [link].

Pegasus class hydrofoil retired Wilmington 2006

It is possible this is former USS Gemini PHM-6 undergoing conversion to yacht Gemini.

Pegasus class hydrofoil retired Wilmington 2013

3 years after leaving the scrapyard where she was rebuilt, Gemini returned to the same area near Wilmington NC. Gemini shows considerable work to her topsides to transform the vessel into a yacht. Features included a jet-ski stern deck, a jacuzzi, and two-level observation deck. She also had updated diesel engines.

Pegasus class hydrofoils retired Wilmington 2002

Of these four Pegasus class retired hydrofoils, only ex-USS Gemini initially avoided scrapping, being converted to a yacht.

USS Plainview AGEH-1 (1969-1978) unique hydrofoil. LOA 220′ TDISP 310 tons. Scrapping at Hungry Harbor WA, ongoing for many years.USS Plainview AGEH-1 Hungry Harbor WA 2012

USS High Point PCH-1 (1963-1980) first US Navy hydrofoil. LOA 115′ TDISP 110 tons Under restoration near Astoria, OR, for preservation as museum ship.USS High Point PCH-1 Astoria 2018

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