Royal Canadian Navy – Current and Retired

Destroyers (including Destroyer Escorts)

Iroquois Class DDG LOA 423′ TDISP 5,200 tons (4, all retired) last unit retired 2017HMCS Athabaskan DDG-282 (1972 – 2017)


HMCS Athabaskan 1983 showing appearance of Iroquois Class pre-TRUMP upgrades serving with STANAVFORLANT. Credit: Department of National Defence / Library and Archives Canada ISC-83-227


HMCS Athabaskan refuelling from HMCS Protecteur Persian Gulf 1990 LAC Credit: Canada. Department of National Defence / Library and Archives Canada / ISC 90 2080 A WO Wayne Loane

HMCS Athabaskan DDG-282 Halifax 2016HMCS Algonquin DDG-283 (1973 – 2015)HMCS Algonquin Esquimalt 2015.jpgHMCS Iroquois DDG-280 (1972 – 2015)HMCS Iroquois DDG-280 Halifax 2016HMCS Iroquois Liverpool scrapping.jpg

HMCS Iroquois NARA

HMCS Algonquin and USS John C. Stennis CVN-74 in tight formation during RIMPAC 2004 NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SD-05-00359 PH2 Jayme Pastoric, USN

Tribal Class LOA 377′ TDISP 2,500 tons (27, 13 lost, 1 preserved. 8 served in RCN, 1 of these lost)


HMCS Athabaskan, sunk April 1944. © IWM (A 22987)

HMCS Haida G-63 (1943 – 1963) post 1949 pennant number 215. Museum ship Hamilton ON since 1964HMCS Haida Hamilton 2016HMCS Haida Hamilton 2018

Annapolis Class DDH LOA 366′ TDISP 3,400 (2 units, both retired)


HMCS Nipigon NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SC-93-02760 OS2 John Bouvia

HMCS Annapolis DDH-265 (1964 – 1996), sunk as artificial reef near Gambier Island 2015.HMCS Annapolis 265 Gambier Is BC 2014

Restigouche Class DDE LOA 371′ TDISP 2,900 tons (7 built, 3 scrapped and 4 sunk for diving/reefs)

HMCS Terra Nova DDE-259 (1959-1998) and HMCS Gatineau DDE-236 (1959-1998) both scrapped Pictou NS, 2010HMCS Terra Nova and Gatineau Dartmouth 2005.jpg


HMCS Gatineau in the Welland Canal, 1959 Canada. Department of National Defence / Library and Archives Canada / CT-769


Halifax Class FFH LOA 440′ TDISP 4,700 tons (12 active)

HMCS Winnipeg FFH-338 (1996) and HMCS Vancouver FFH-331 (1993)HMCS Winnipeg and Vancouver Esquimalt 2015.jpg


HMCS Winnipeg 2001 NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SD-03-11157 PH1 Anthony C. Casullo, USN

River Class LOA 301′ TDISP 2,100 tons (151, 3 preserved ca. 69 in RCN service, 1 ex-RCN extensively converted) see Royal Navy listing for other surviving units.


HMCS Waskesiu K-330 1944 Canada. Department of National Defence / Library and Archives Canada CT-257

Ex-HMCS Stormont K-327 (1943 – 1947) modified to Luxury Yacht Christina in 1951 for Aristotle Onasis, renamed Argo (1978-1998) current name Christina O. Modified LOA 325′ (lengthened approx. 24′) TDISP 2,250 tonsChristina O (ex-HMCS Stormont) La Ciotat France 2011.jpg


River class frigate HMCS Thetford Mines K-459 during wartime. Note projectile (likely a hedgehog depth bomb) fired at top right, and detonated pattern ahead. Canada. Department of National Defence / Library and Archives Canada CT-261


Flower Class LOA 205′ TDISP 940 tons (294 original and modified, 33 Lost during the Second World War, 1 preserved, 109 commissioned into the RCN, 10 lost during wartime)


HMCS Weyburn K-173 1942 Credit: Canada. Department of National Defence / Library and Archives Canada CT-248

HMCS Sackville K-181 (1941 – 1945), reactivated as research vessel 1952 -1982, Museum Ship since 1983.

Memorial service

HMCS Sackville K-181 2009 HS2009-0189-001 Pte Dan Bard Formation Imaging Services Halifax © 2009 DND-MDN Canada

HMCS Sackville HFX 2016.jpg

Offshore Patrol Vessels

Harry DeWolf Class LOA 340′ TDISP 6,600 tons (1 fitting out, 1 building, as many as 6 more planned)

HMCS Harry DeWolf AOPV-430 fitting out and HMCS Margaret Brooke AOPV-431 building Irving Shipyards Halifax NS.HMCS Harry Dewolf Halifax 2019HMCS Harry Dewolf Halifax 2017.jpg


HMCS Harry Dewolf, lead vessel in class, under construction in the Halifax Shipyard May 2018 Credit: WayeMason


Victoria Class (British Upholder Class) LOA 230′ TDISP 2,400 tons submerged (4 active)


HMCS Victoria at sea, 2015 LS Zachariah Stopa, MARPAC Imaging Services ET2015-0051-01 © 2015 DND-MDN Canada.

Victoria Class Esquimalt 2018Oberon Class attack submarine (SS) LOA 295′ TDISP 2,400 tons submerged (4 commissioned into RCN service, all retired, 2 now museum boats)


HMS Onyx © Crown copyright. IWM (FKD 1150)

HMCS Ojibwa SS-72 (1965 – 1998) museum boat Port Burwell ON since 2002HMCS Onandaga SS-73 (1967 – 2000) museum boat at Rimouski QC since 2009


HMS Ocelot S-17 © IWM Crown Copyright (HU 129915)

Coast Defence Vessels

Kingston Class LOA 181′ TDISP 970 tons first commissioned 1994 (12 active)

Frontier Sentinel 2010

HMCS Goose Bay, MM-707, Kingston Class, participating in Exercise Frontier Sentinel 2010, Norfolk VA HS2010-F001-002 Corporal Rick Ayer, Formation Imaging Services, Halifax, Nova Scotia © 2010 DND-MDN Canada.

Hydrographic Survey

CFAV Quest AGOR-172 (1969-2016) LOA 235′ TDISP 2,100 tons scrapped 2018

CSS/HMCS Acadia (1913) LOA 182′ TDISP 1,050 tons Canadian Hydrographic Service (commissioned patrol ship HMCS Acadia during both World Wars) museum ship since 1982


HMCS Acadia ca. 1918 Library and Archives Canada CN-3278

Replenishment Resupply vessels

MV Asterix (2018) built as Cynthia 2010. LOA 598′ TDISP 26,000 tons. Converted from commercial vessel, at Davie Shipbuilding QC 2017. This will bridge the gap in AOR replenishment resupply vessels created by the early retirement of the Protecteur class.

USS Dewey Replenishment-At-Sea with MV Asterix

MV Asterix alongside USS Dewey during RIMPAC 2018 exercises US Navy Official 4585423 PO2 Devin Langer

MV Asterix RCN supply 2019 HalifaxMV Asterix RCN supply 2017 Davie Levis QC

Protecteur Class Auxiliary Replenishment Oiler LOA 564′ TDISP 24,500 tons (2 retired, both scrapped)

HMCS Protecteur AOR-509 (1969 – 2015)


HMCS Protecteur conducting an RAS with an Iroquois Class destroyer 1981 Library and Archives Canada Crown Copyright HSC81-74-14

HMCS Protecteur Esquimalt 2013

HMCS Protecteur during Operation Friction (Desert Storm) Note 3″ gun fitted in bow NARA: 330-CFD-DN-ST-91-04795 JO1 Joe Gawlowicz

HMCS Preserver AOR-510 (1970 – 2017)HMCS Preserver 2017 Sydney NS.jpg


HMCS Bras d’Or FHE-400 unique hydrofoil design (1968 – 1971) LOA 164′ TDISP 240 tons. preserved as a Museum Ship L’Islet-sur-Mer, QC


HMCS Bras d’Or cutaway Copyright belongs to the Crown: Library and Archives Canada Mikan 5014188


HMCS Bras d’Or flying (foil-borne) 1970: Library and Archives Canada Copyright belongs to the Crown REC70-367

R-103 Baddeck (Original name Bras d’Or until 1962) (1957 – 1973) LOA 59′ TDISP 17 tons, preserved in a disassembled state at the Canada Museum of Science and Technology Ottawa. This experimental hydrofoil helped test technologies used on the later HMCS Bras d’Or.

1990.0323.001.aa.cs R-103 Baddeck CSTMC catalog

R-103 Baddeck / Bras d’Or Canada Science and Technology Museum artifact 1990.0323.001 when it was on exterior display / storage. This image sourced from the museum’s online catalog.

R-103 Bras d'Or-Baddeck CITY OF OTTAWA GEO

R-103 Baddeck at rear of Canada Museum of Science and Technology, where it was on outside display in the 1990s and early 2000s. This view shows the very narrow transom. The foils were elsewhere. Contains information licensed under the Open Government Licence – City of Ottawa.

Minesweepers / Patrol Vessels

Isles Class trawlers / minesweepers / local defence vessels LOA 164′ TDISP 550 tons (145 built, mostly for Royal Navy) In British service these are normally referred to as the Basset Class.


HM Trawler Scalpay © IWM (FL 10668)

HMCS Cailiff (ex. HMS Cailiff) T-276 (1942) built at Collingwood shipyards, sold 1946 and became Norwegian Trawler Borgenes, laid up 1990s, preserved as museum ship Kristiansund Norway at pier near Norsk Klippfiskmuseum until sold for scrap in 2012HMCS Cailiff Isles Class trawler 2004 norwayHMCS Cailiff Isles Class trawler 2010 norway.jpgHMCS Cailiff Isles Class trawler 2011 norway

Bay Class LOA 152′ TDISP 410 tons (20, 6 transferred to France, 1 other possibly still in Turkish service) Mahogany hulled.

HMCS MIRAMICHI Bay class e010777558-v8

HMCS Miramichi Bay Class minesweeper Crown Copyright Credit: Canada. Department of National Defence / Library and Archives Canada CT-660

HMCS Fortune MCB-151 (1954 – 1964), now MV Edgewater Fortune. Converted to a house-boat, extensively modified, up for sale as of 2017Bay class RCN minesweeper Fortune Vancouver 2016Former HMCS Fundy MCB-159 (1956 – 1996), HMCS Thunder MCB-161 (1957 – 1997), and most likely HMCS Miramichi MCB-163 (1957 – 1998) all laid up Beecher Bay, BC, 2004-2007. By 2010 only 1 vessel remained. (see Jerry Proc web page on Bay Class for more information)Bay class RCN minesweeper Beecher Bay 2009HMCS Chaleur MCB-164 (1957-1998) sold to San Francisco private owners, may now be restored or converted to some commercial useHMCS Chaleur CA 2014

Diving Support Vessel

HMCS Cormorant ASL-20 (1975 – 1997) originally built as commercial vessel Aspa Quarto 1965 LOA 245′ TDISP 2,350 tons despite being sold to US buyers, the ship has been laid up in a deteriorated state at Bridgewater NS (LaHave River) ever since. Shortly after the below capture the vessel partially capsized.HMCS Cormorant Bridgewater NS 2015

Gate Vessels

Porte Class Gate / Boom Defence / naval reserve training Vessels 1951-1996 (4 built, all retired) LOA 125′ TDISP 500 tons

HMCS Porte de la Reine and HMCS Porte Quebec (both commissioned 1952)Porte class RCN vessels Washington 2011

Small Tankers

Dun Class Coastal Tanker LOA 179′ TDISP 950 tons (2, both now scrapped)

HMCS / CFAV Dundurn Z41/502 (1942-1993) after service as a naval auxiliary, served as a breakwater in North Vancouver until mid-2014, when Dundurn was removed to the Fraser River and then scrapped.HMCS Dundurn tanker North VAN 2009HMCS Dundurn tanker North VAN 2014