Royal Canadian Navy – Destroyers

Royal Canadian Navy Destroyers (including Destroyer Escorts)

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Iroquois Class DDG LOA 423′ TDISP 5,200 tons (4, all retired) last unit retired 2017HMCS Athabaskan DDG-282 (1972 – 2017)

HMCS Athabaskan 1983 showing appearance of Iroquois Class pre-TRUMP upgrades serving with STANAVFORLANT. Credit: Department of National Defence / Library and Archives Canada ISC-83-227
HMCS Athabaskan refuelling from HMCS Protecteur Persian Gulf 1990 LAC Credit: Canada. Department of National Defence / Library and Archives Canada / ISC 90 2080 A WO Wayne Loane

HMCS Athabaskan DDG-282 Halifax 2016HMCS Algonquin DDG-283 (1973 – 2015)HMCS Algonquin Esquimalt 2015.jpgHMCS Iroquois DDG-280 (1972 – 2015)

HMCSIroquois280from Kyle 2020-01
HMCS Iroquois DDG-280 before TRUMP upgrades, showing original “bunny ear” funnels, 5″ gun in the bow position, the original two Sea Sparrow launchers forward of the bridge, and a limbo ASW launcher near the stern. Credit: Warsearcher Collection.

HMCS Iroquois DDG-280 Halifax 2016HMCS Iroquois Liverpool scrapping.jpg

HMCS Iroquois NARA
HMCS Algonquin and USS John C. Stennis CVN-74 in tight formation during RIMPAC 2004. Post TRUMP refit, units now have the 76mm gun fitted further aft, the space the gun had occupied now fits a Vertical Launch System for SAM missiles, the funnel is modified, and their are numerous other updates. NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SD-05-00359 PH2 Jayme Pastoric, USN

Tribal Class LOA 377′ TDISP 2,500 tons (27, 13 lost, 1 preserved. 8 served in RCN, 1 of these lost)

HMCS Athabaskan, sunk April 1944. © IWM (A 22987)

HMCS Haida G-63 (1943 – 1963) post 1949 pennant number 215. Museum ship Hamilton ON since 1964HMCS Haida Hamilton 2016HMCS Haida Hamilton 2018

Annapolis Class DDH LOA 366′ TDISP 3,400 (2 units, both retired)

HMCS Nipigon NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SC-93-02760 OS2 John Bouvia

HMCS Annapolis DDH-265 (1964 – 1996), sunk as artificial reef near Gambier Island 2015.HMCS Annapolis 265 Gambier Is BC 2014

Restigouche Class DDE LOA 371′ TDISP 2,900 tons (7 built, 3 scrapped and 4 sunk for diving/reefs)

HMCS Terra Nova DDE-259 (1959-1998) and HMCS Gatineau DDE-236 (1959-1998) both scrapped Pictou NS, 2010HMCS Terra Nova and Gatineau Dartmouth 2005.jpg

HMCS Gatineau in the Welland Canal, 1959 Canada. Department of National Defence / Library and Archives Canada / CT-769

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