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Royal Canadian Navy Destroyers (including Destroyer Escorts)

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Iroquois Class DDG LOA 423′ / 128.9 m TDISP 5,200 tons (4, all retired) last unit retired 2017HMCS Athabaskan DDG-282 (1972 – 2017)

HMCS Athabaskan 1983 showing appearance of Iroquois Class pre-TRUMP upgrades serving with STANAVFORLANT. Credit: Department of National Defence / Library and Archives Canada ISC-83-227
HMCS Athabaskan refuelling from HMCS Protecteur Persian Gulf 1990 LAC Credit: Canada. Department of National Defence / Library and Archives Canada / ISC 90 2080 A WO Wayne Loane

HMCS Athabaskan DDG-282 Halifax 2016HMCS Algonquin DDG-283 (1973 – 2015)HMCS Algonquin Esquimalt 2015.jpgHMCS Iroquois DDG-280 (1972 – 2015)

HMCSIroquois280from Kyle 2020-01
HMCS Iroquois DDG-280 before TRUMP upgrades, showing original “bunny ear” funnels, 5″ gun in the bow position, the original two Sea Sparrow launchers forward of the bridge, and a limbo ASW launcher near the stern. Credit: Warsearcher Collection.

HMCS Iroquois DDG-280 Halifax 2016HMCS Iroquois Liverpool scrapping.jpg

HMCS Iroquois NARA
HMCS Algonquin and USS John C. Stennis CVN-74 in tight formation during RIMPAC 2004. Post TRUMP refit, units now have the 76mm gun fitted further aft, the space the gun had occupied now fits a Vertical Launch System for SAM missiles, the funnel is modified, and their are numerous other updates. NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SD-05-00359 PH2 Jayme Pastoric, USN

Tribal Class LOA 377′ / 114.9 m TDISP 2,500 tons (27, 13 lost, 1 preserved. 8 served in RCN, 1 of these lost)

HMCS Athabaskan, sunk April 1944. © IWM (A 22987)

HMCS Haida G-63 (1943 – 1963) post 1949 pennant number 215. Museum ship Hamilton ON since 2002 (was located at Toronto 1964-2002)

HMCS Haida July 2022 at Hamilton ON. Credit:

HMCS Haida Hamilton 2016HMCS Haida Hamilton 2018

Destroyer Escorts

St. Laurent Class and variants LOA ca. 370′ / 113m TDISP ca. 2900 tons (20 over four subclasses, destroyer escorts and Helicopter-carrying destroyers, all retired)

HMCS Mackenzie Sep. 1962 [cropped] Credit: Department of National Defence CN-6516/ Library and Archives Canada
Destroyer Escorts, Halifax Dockyard 17 June 1965. Credit: National Air Photo Library VRR2646 photo 779. Crown Copyright. The lower ship appears to be a DDH, while the two inboard vessels are DDEs.
A DDE at Esquimalt 1966/04/04. Credit: National Air Photo Library NRCAN A30012 photo 022 Crown Copyright
A DDE at Esquimalt, 12 Apr. 1965, showing the aft limbo launcher uncovered, and the 3″ / 50 caliber aft gun position and 3″ / 70 cal. forward guns. Credit: National Air Photo Library NRCAN VRR2634 photo 1005 Crown Copyright
DDEs at Esquimalt, 1974/4/3, showing the Improved Restigouche Escort updates including the Variable Depth Sonar and well at the transom, an ASROC RUR-5 launcher in the aft gun position, and retaining the 3″ / 70 caliber gun forward. Credit: National Air Photo Library NRCAN A23658 photo 45. Crown Copyright.

Restigouche Class DDE LOA 371′ / 113.1 m TDISP 2,900 tons (7 built, 3 scrapped and 4 sunk for diving/reefs)

HMCS Terra Nova DDE-259 (1959-1998) and HMCS Gatineau DDE-236 (1959-1998) both scrapped Pictou NS, 2010

The Canadian frigate HMCS Terra Nova refuels from the battleship USS Missouri BB-63 as the vessels are underway off the coast of Hawaii during Exercise RimPac ’88. Credit: USN DNS28550 NARA (PHAN Thomas P. Milne)

HMCS Terra Nova and Gatineau Dartmouth 2005.jpg

HMCS Gatineau in the Welland Canal, 1959 Canada. Department of National Defence / Library and Archives Canada / CT-769

Annapolis Class DDH LOA 366′ / 111.6 m TDISP 3,400 (2 units, both retired)

HMCS Nipigon NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SC-93-02760 OS2 John Bouvia

HMCS Annapolis DDH-265 (1964 – 1996), sunk as artificial reef near Gambier Island 2015.HMCS Annapolis 265 Gambier Is BC 2014

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