Royal Canadian Navy Frigates

Royal Canadian Navy Frigates

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Halifax Class FFH LOA 440′ TDISP 4,700 tons (12 active)


HMCS Calgary FFH-335 approaches Jeju harbor off the coast of Jeju, Republic of Korea during Operation Projection on October 12, 2018. Photo: LS Zachariah Stopa, Canadian Forces Combat Camera IS07-2018-0052-004

HMCS Halifax FFH-330 (1992)HMCS Halifax FFH-330 Halifax 2016.jpgHMCS Calgary FFH-335 (1995)HMCS Calgary FFH-335 Esquimalt 2016HMCS Montreal FFH-336 (1994)HMCS Montreal FFH-336 Halifax 2016.jpgHMCS Regina FFH-334 (1993)HMCS Regina FFH-334 Esquimalt 2018.jpgHMCS Fredericton FFH-337 (1994)HMCS Fredericton FFH-337 Halifax 2016.jpgHMCS Winnipeg FFH-338 (1996)HMCS Winnipeg FFH-338 Esquimalt 2016.jpgHMCS St. John’s FFH-340 (1996)HMCS ST John's FFH-340 Halifax 2016.jpgHMCS Vancouver FFH-331 (1993)HMCS Vancouver FFH-331 Esquimalt 2015.jpg

HMCS Ottawa FFH-341 (1996) satellite image not yet located.


Commemorative ballcap from early in Ottawa’s career, with an excellent profile of the ship. Warsearcher Collection.


HMCS Winnipeg, before the Frigate Equipment Life Extension (FELEX) upgrades, 2001 NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SD-03-11157 PH1 Anthony C. Casullo, USN

River Class LOA 301′ TDISP 2,100 tons (151, 3 preserved ca. 69 in RCN service, 1 ex-RCN extensively converted) see Royal Navy frigates listing for other surviving units.


HMCS Waskesiu K-330 1944 Canada. Department of National Defence / Library and Archives Canada CT-257

Ex-HMCS Stormont K-327 (1943 – 1947) modified to Luxury Yacht Christina in 1951 for Aristotle Onasis, renamed Argo (1978-1998) current name Christina O. Modified LOA 325′ (lengthened approx. 24′) TDISP 2,250 tonsChristina O (ex-HMCS Stormont) La Ciotat France 2011.jpg


River class frigate HMCS Thetford Mines K-459 during wartime. Note projectile (likely a hedgehog depth bomb) fired at top right, and detonated pattern ahead. Canada. Department of National Defence / Library and Archives Canada CT-261

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