Royal Canadian Navy – Corvettes and Patrol Vessels

Royal Canadian Navy Corvettes and Patrol Vessels

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Flower Class LOA 205′ / 62.5 m TDISP 940 tons (294 original and modified, 33 Lost during the Second World War, 1 preserved, of these, 109 were commissioned into the RCN, 10 of these were lost during wartime)

HMCS Weyburn K-173 1942 Credit: Canada. Department of National Defence / Library and Archives Canada CT-248
A lovely 1/72 scale model of HMCS Hawkesbury built by Steve Morin of Hawkesbury ON. Credit: Steve Morin.

HMCS Sackville K-181 (1941 – 1945), reactivated as research vessel 1952 – 1982, Museum Ship since 1983.

Memorial service
HMCS Sackville K-181 2009 HS2009-0189-001 Pte Dan Bard Formation Imaging Services Halifax © 2009 DND-MDN Canada

HMCS Sackville HFX 2016.jpg

Offshore Patrol Vessels

Harry DeWolf Class LOA 340′ / 103.6 m TDISP 6,600 tons (2 active, 1 fitting out, 1 building, 2 more planned)Harry DeWolf class AOPVs Halifax 2022-06HMCS Harry Dewolf Halifax 2019HMCS Harry Dewolf Halifax 2017.jpg

HMCS Harry Dewolf, lead vessel in class, under construction in the Halifax Shipyard May 2018 Credit: WayeMason

Coast Defence Vessels

Kingston Class LOA 181′ / 55.2 m TDISP 970 tons first commissioned 1994 (12 active)

Frontier Sentinel 2010
HMCS Goose Bay, Kingston Class, participating in Exercise Frontier Sentinel 2010, Norfolk VA HS2010-F001-002 Corporal Rick Ayer, Formation Imaging Services, Halifax, Nova Scotia © 2010 DND-MDN Canada.

Kingston Class MCDVs Halifax 2016Orca Class Training Vessels (can also be armed as auxiliary patrol vessels) LOA 108′ / 32.9 m TDISP 210 tons 2006 to present (8 active)Orca class training Esquimalt 2018

Bird Class Patrol Boat LOA 92′ / 28 m  TDISP 66 tons (4 built, service 1955-1970)

Bird class patrol boat at Jetty 5, Halifax. This appears to be PCS-781, HMCS Cormorant. Credit: National Air Photo Library NRCAN VRR2646 photo 779 Crown Copyright

Q-105 Fairmile B motor launch (1943-1945) LOA 112′ / 34.1 m TDISP 85 tons , built in Sarnia ON. One of 88 Fairmile Bs built in Canada. Was attached to the McGill University, Montreal, as a research vessel from the late 1940s. Operated from the 1978 to the early 2000s as Duc d’Orleans, a sightseeing day cruiser out of Sarnia, ON. Hauled out of water in Sarnia pending restoration from 2007 on. This failed and the abandoned, rotting hull was scrapped in situ, ca. 2013.

fairmile B Q0=083_LAC_a133294-v8
Fairmile Q-083 in company with an Allied submarine, Halifax, ca. 1943-1945, Credit: Credit: Canada. Dept. of National Defence NP-1099/Library and Archives Canada/PA-133294

Fairmile Q105 RCN Sarnia 2013Fairmile Q105 RCN Sarnia 2006

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