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Royal Canadian Navy Aircraft Carriers this page includes photos and composite views provided for general interest.

Majestic Class Light Fleet Carrier (sub-class of 1942 British light fleet carrier design) LOA 704′ / 214.6 m TDISP 20,000 tons (5 retired, all scrapped)

[Detail of] HMCS Bonaventure early in her RCN service off England in June 1957. Library and Archives Canada, Department of National Defence image CT-521 Copyright belongs to the Crown.
HMCS Bonaventure CVL-22 originally building 1942-1946, to be named HMS Powerful, with construction halted at Belfast, Northern Ireland. Construction resumed 1952 to an updated design (including angled flight deck and other postwar developments) for the Canadian Government. Served 1957 – 1970. Scrapped Taiwan 1971.

HMCS Bonaventure model CASMworkFINALBluewithaerials
Overhead photo of a Canadian Aviation and Space Museum artifact, a fine 1/144 Scale model of HMCS Bonaventure made by Dan Linton from Stouffville ON, with various aircraft that served aboard during career. His website about building this model is at has been edited to remove wood base. For all use please credit Warsearcher with the URL of the website.
HMCS Bonaventure HFX 1960 DNS-26014
HMCS Bonaventure in her usual berth under the Angus MacDonald Bridge, ca. 1960. Credit: Library and Archives Canada / Department of National Defence DNS-26014 Copyright belongs to Crown.
Composite view of multiple satellite captures [2003, 2005, 2019/09] of Halifax naval dockyard wharf No. 4 and Jetty no. 5 edited to appear closer to the 1960s arrangement, with a crane added from the government wharf, Dartmouth. Dan Linton’s model of HMCS Bonaventure has been superimposed on a 705’ footprint. Bonaventure would not have likely been moored across these two berths, but her usual berth at no.4 would place her under the Angus L. MacDonald bridge. For all use please credit Warsearcher with the URL of the website.
HMCS Bonaventure new jetty 4 Halifax 1961-07 Crowsnest_P8
HMCS Bonaventure at the new Jetty 4, Halifax, under the Angus MacDonald Bridge. The Crowsnest 1961/07 edition P.8 (detail of), available at GC publications site:

For views of HMCS Bonaventure’s sister-ship INS Vikrant see Indian Navy Aircraft Carriers.

HMCS Bonaventure at Halifax, Dec. 1969 Library and Archives Canada Department of National Defence image HS-69-3061. Copyright belongs to Crown.
Sikorsky H04-S3 “Shearwater Angel” that served on HMCS Bonaventure, amongst other assignments. The type was used for ASW work, and also rescue missions. This particular Canada Aviation and Space Museum artifact, which served on both HMCS Magnificent and Bonaventure and was retired in 1970, is noted for several instances of lifesaving.
HMAS Melbourne with USS Midway astern, 1981. Note the catapult with bridle at the bow, which is one of the more unusual aspects of the legacy of the HMCS Bonaventure: The newly refurbished steam catapult of Bonaventure was utilized to upgrade Melbourne. When Melbourne was sold for scrap, the Chinese intensively examined this catapult, and it may have helped spur current Chinese carrier design. NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SN-84-02496

HMCS Magnificent CVL-21 (1948-1957) returned to UK, scrapped at Faslane, Scotland, 1965.

Arrival of HMCS Magnificent in Halifax, June 1954. Credit: Canada. Department of National Defence / Library and Archives Canada CT-414
HMCS Magnificent CVL-21. A fine 1/400 model built by Steve Morin of Hawkesbury, ON. This is an extensive conversion of the Heller Arromanches (British-built French member of the Colossus class). Credit: Steve Morin.
HMCS Magnificent CVL-21, leaving the berth of No. 4 wharf. Detail of Library and Archives Canada CT-283 (mikan 4950941) Copyright belongs to Crown.

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