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Nuclear-powered Ballistic Missile submarines (SSBN)

“41 for Freedom” classes LOA 425′ / 129.5 m TDISP 6,700 tons. (41 boats built over 5 classes, all retired) 16 MIRV-equipped SLBM tubes/boat. Two boats continue to exist as Moored Training Ships, service 1959-2002) USS Sam Rayburn SSBN-635 James Madison class and USS Daniel Webster SSBN-626 Lafayette class converted to Moored Training Ships for training in operation of nuclear boats. Subs both shortened with missile compartments removed. SSBN moored training ships NSA South Carolina 201841 for freedom SSBN scrapping Bremerton 1994

USS Woodrow Wilson SSBN-624 Lafayette class (1963-1994) the sail and the rudder, at the correct location across the traffic circle, are on display as a submarine monument at the Naval Base Kitsap Bangor Deterrent Park, Kitsap Washington. USS Woodrow Wilson SSBN-624 monument Kitsap WA 2019 USS George Bancroft SSBN-643 (1966-1993) Benjamin Franklin class. Preserved as a sail and concrete “surfacing” submarine monument at the main gates of the Kingsbay naval submarine base, Georgia. USS George Bancroft SSBN-643 memorial Georgia

Nuclear-powered Attack Submarines SSN

USS Triton SSRN/SSN-586 (1959-1969) LOA 448′ / 136.6 m TDISP 7,700 tons submerged. Unique double nuclear reactor radar picket/attack submarine. Long decommissioned, eventually dismantled ca. 2008 at Bremerton. USS Triton SSRN 2006 puget soundUSS Triton SSRN 2007 puget sound

USS Nautilus SSN-571 (1954-1980) LOA 320′ / 97.5 m TDISP 4,100 tons submerged. First Nuclear-powered submarine. Museum boat in New London, CT. USS Nautilus SSN-571 museum New London 2016

Cruise Missile Submarines (Diesel-Electric) SSG

USS Growler SSG-577 (1958-1964) Grayback class LOA 317′ / 96.6 m TDISP 3,500 tons submerged. Armed with the Regulus nuclear-capable cruise missile. Preserved at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, New York City, with a Regulus 1 on deck. USS Growler Intrepid museum NY 2019

Attack Submarines (Diesel-Electric) SS

USS Blueback SS-581 (1959-1990) Barbel class LOA 219′ / 66.8 m TDISP 2,630 tons submerged. The last serving diesel-electric USN attack boat. Donated to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, on display since 1994. USS Blueback SS-581 museum boat Portland OR 2011

Gato Class LOA 312′ / 95.1 m TDISP 2,400 tons submerged (77 built, 20 lost, 6 preserved)

USS Cod SS-224 (1943-1954) Museum and memorial boat Cleveland OH. Reserve training submarine in Cleveland 1959-1971. Museum boat since 1976. In June 2021 while being towed to drydock, struck and damaged a US Coast Guard ship. USS Cod SS-224 museum boat Cleveland 2015

USS Drum SS-228 (1941-1946) Museum boat at Battleship Memorial Park, Mobile, AB. USS Drum SS-228 Battleship Mem Park Mobile 2020

USS Silversides SS-236 (1941-1969)  USS Silversides SS-236 Muskegon 2013

USS Cavalla SS-244 (1944-1968) USS Cavalla Galveston TX 2017

USS Cobia SS-245 (1944-1954) Museum boat Manitowoc WI since 1970.  USS Cobia SS-245 museum Manitowoc WI 2011

USS Croaker SS-246 (1944-1968) displayed at Groton CT 1977-1987. Preserved at Buffalo and Erie County Naval and Maritime Park since 1988.

USS Croaker museum boat at Buffalo and Erie County Naval and Maritime Park, July 2022. Credit:

USS Croaker Buffalo NY museum boat 2006

Balao Class (1945-1946) LOA 312′ / 95.1 m TDISP 2,400 tons submerged (120 built, 14 lost, 7 preserved, 1 possibly still operational with ROC/Taiwan)

USS Bowfin SS-287 (1943-1971) USS Bowfin Submarine Museum and Park, Pearl Harbor, HW  USS Bowfin SS-287 museum Pearl Harbor 2015

USS Ling SS-297 (1945-1946) served as a training ship 1960s, disposed of 1971 and acquired by the Submarine Memorial Association, 1972. Museum boat in Hackensack since 1973, but museum has been closed. USS Ling museum boat Hackensack NJ 2019

USS Lionfish SS-298 (1944-1953) Museum Boat at Battleship Cove, Fall River MA. Reserve training submarine during the 1960s. Museum since 1973.  USS Lionfish SS-298 Fall River MA 2010

USS Batfish SS-310 (1943-1969) Museum boat Muskogee OHUSS Batfish SS-310 Muskogee OH 2012

USS Becuna SS-319 (1944-1969) Museum Boat at Independence Seaport Museum, Philadelphia, since 1976.  USS Becuna museum boat Philadelphia 2020

USS Clamagore SS-343 (1945-1975) Museum Boat, Patriots Point SC. Deteriorating status led to plans for sinking as an artificial reef. Instead scrapped 2022. Had been only surviving GUPPY III conversion.USS Clamagore SS-343 Patriots Point SC 2010

USS Pampanito SS-383 (1943-1945) naval reserve training ship 1960s-1971. Museum boat at San Francisco since 1975.USS Pampanito museum boat San Francisco 2020

USS Razorback SS-394 (1944-1970) transferred to Turkey as TCG Muratreis S-336 (1970-2001) preserved as a museum boat at North Little Rock, Arkansas.USS Razorback SS-394 Little Rock 2019

Tench Class LOA 312′ / 95.1 m TDISP 2,420 tons submerged (29 built, 1 lost, 3 preserved, 1 possibly still operational with ROC/Taiwan)

USS Thornback SS-418 (1944-1971) Transferred to Turkey as TCG TCG Uluçalireis S 338 (1973-2000) preserved as a museum boat, Golden Horn, Istambul, Turkey.  USS Thornback SS-418 Istambul 2021

USS Torsk SS-423 (1944-1968) Museum Boat Baltimore MD since 1972.USS Torsk Museum boat Baltimore MD 2014

USS Requin SS-481 (1945-1968) Museum boat Tampa FL then Pittsburgh from 1990. USS Requin ss-481 Pittsburgh 2007

Tang Class LOA 269′ / 82 m TDISP 2,700 tons submerged (6 built, 2 preserved)

USS Tang SS-562 (1951-1980) transferred to Turkey 1980 as TCG Pirireis T-343 (1980-2004) Museum boat at Izmir, Turkey TCG Pirireis-USS Tang Izmir 2017

USS Trout SS-566 (1952-1977) converted to a remotely controlled Sonar Target. Scrapped 2008-2009 Brownsville TX. USS Trout SS-566 philadelphia 2007

USS Gudgeon SS-567 (1952-1983) transferred to Turkey as TCG Hizirreis S-342 (1983-2004). Museum boat Kocaeli Museum, Turkey.  TCG Hizirreis-USS Gudgeon Izmit 2017

Training Submarines

USS Marlin SST-2 (1953-1973) T-1 class training sub LOA 131′ / 39.9 m TDISP 350 tons submerged. Museum Boat on display at Freedom Park, Omaha Nebraska, since 1974. USS Marlin sub Omaha NB 2019

Research Submarines

USS Albacore AGSS-569 (1953-1972) LOA 205′ / 62.5 m TDISP 1824 tons submerged. US pioneering research submarine using the teardrop or “Albacore” shaped hull, an ideal hydrodynamic design for a submarine. Many phases of tests, including the addition of the “X” stern and contra-rotating propellers.USS Albacore AGSS-569 Museum Portsmouth NH 2016

USS Dolphin AGSS-555 (1968-2007) LOA 152′ / 46.3 m TDISP 860 tons submerged. Museum boat, Maritime Museum of San Diego. Pressure hull design allowed for deep diving, and the boat was used as a test-platform for a variety of military and civilian technologies.USS Dolphin AGSS-555 Museum Boat San Diego 2015

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