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Hai Lung class LOA 220′ / 67.1 m TDISP 2,660 tons submerged (2 active, service since 1987) modified version of the Dutch Zwaardis class.ROCS Hai Lung class sub Kaohsiung city 2021Hai Lung class sub Zuoying drydock 2020Hai Lung class sub Zuoying drydock 2019

Hai Shih class LOA 312′ / 95.1 m TDISP 2,410 tons submerged. WW2 USN submarines of the Balao and Tench classes (USN service 1945 or 1946-1973), updated through GUPPY II program. (service since 1973). ROCS Hai Shih SS-791 (1973) formerly Tench class USS Cutlass SS-478 (1945-1973). A 2017 refit has meant this is likely the longest actively serving submarine in history. ROCS Hai Pao SS-792 (1973) formerly Balao class USS Tusk SS-426 (1946-1973). Both boats were transferred with torpedo tubes deactivated, but reportedly this was reversed.

ROCS Hai Shih SS-791 during open to the pubic at Keelung, Sep. 2019. Credit: Solomon203, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Hai Shih class SSN Zuoying drydock 2017ROCS Hai Shih class sub Kaohsiung city 2021Hai Shih class SSN Zuoying 2019

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