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Frigates (FF, FFG)

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Oliver Hazard Perry Class FFG LOA ca 450′ TDISP 4,000 tons (71, approximately 30 still active with non-US navies) these came in 445′ and 453′ Èlonglengthsinactive Oliver Hazard Perry frigates Phile 2019


USS Gary FFG-51 during sea trials 1984. Note distinctive single arm missile launcher forward and 76mm gun on superstructure between mast and funnel. NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SC-85-07089 Todd Pacific Shipyards Corp.

Oliver Hazard Perry frigates Mayport 2017Oliver Hazard Perry frigates San Diego 2012Oliver Hazard Perry frigates Norfolk 2002

Knox Class FF LOA 438′ TDISP 4,200 tons in US service 1969-1994 (46, 1 preserved)

USS Ainsworth Knox class DN-SC-86-00518

USS Ainsworth 1985 NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SC-86-00518

USS Ainsworth FF-1090 (1973) transferred to Turkey 1994 decommissioned 2004, Museum Ship at Izmir3 Knox class frigates transferred to Mexico Navy (4th out of frame) located near VeracruzKnox class Veracruz MX 2018ex-USS Robert E. Peary FFG-1073 (1972-1992) transferred to Republic of China (Taiwan) as ROCS Chi Yang FFG-932 (ex USN FF-1073) AND ex-USS Cook FFG-1083 (1971-1992) transferred to Taiwan 1999 as ROCS Hai Yang FFG-936. Taiwanese Knox class (except first unit, Chi Yang) upgraded missile armament retired 2015, to be used for spares Chi Yang class Taiwan (Knox FFG) Kaohsiung 2018

Garcia Class FF LOA 414′ TDISP 2,600 tons in US service 1964-1990 (9 retired, 4 transferred to Brazil, 1 still in reserve)


USS Koelsch FF-1049 1985 NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SC-86-00294

Garcia Class FF Brazil 2012USS Voge FF-1047 (1966-1989) and USS Edward McDonnell (1965-1988) FF-1043 both scrapped 2001-2002Garcia Class FFs philedelphia 1999

Bronstein Class LOA 371′ TDISP 2,600 tons (2, both transferred to Mexico, now retired)

USS Bronstein FF-1037 (1963-1990) transferred to Mexico as ARM Hermenegildo Galeana F202 (1993-2017) and USS McCloy FF-1038 (1963-1990) transferred to Mexico as ARM Nicolás Bravo (E40) (1993-2017)


USS McCloy FF-1038 during rescue operations for submarine USS Bonefish 27 April 1988 NARA: 330-CFD-DN-ST-88-07597 PH3 Smith, USN

Bronstein class FF Mexico 2012


USS Bronstein FF-1037 NARA: 330-CFD-DN-ST-93-01089

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