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Nuclear-powered Ballistic Missile SSBN

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Ohio Class LOA 560′ / 170.7 m TDISP 18,750 tons submerged. (18 active, service since 1981, Now includes 4 converted to Guided missile submarines SSGN) 24 MIRV-equipped SLBM tubes/boat. The SSGN version now has 22 tubes with 7 tomahawk missiles in each.

USS Louisiana (SSBN 743) Blue Returns to Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor
USS Louisiana SSBN-743 returns home to Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor providing following a strategic deterrent patrol, May 2018. Lousiana is the last of the Ohio class SSBNs, and has been in service since 1997. USN photo 4360324 (Lt. Cmdr. Michael Smith)

Ohio class SSBN-SSGN Bremerton 2019Ohio class SSBN Kitsap WA 2019Ohio class SSBN Kitsap WA 2018

Nuclear-powered Attack Submarines SSN

Virginia Class LOA 377′ / 114.9 m TDISP 7,900 tons submerged (20 active, many building, service since 2004) These were built in blocks, with some significant improvements. Block III and IV are fitted with two Virginia Payload Tubes (VPTs) forward of sail, which replace the 12 separate VLS tubes on earlier boats. These carry cruise missiles. Block V, currently on order, will be thousands of tons heavier and up to 460’ / 140.2 m long and more heavily-armed with Virginia Payload Module (VPM), a lengthened midships section with up to four (more) VPTs. In addition to a heavier complement of Tomahawk cruise missiles, to help maintain capability as the modified Ohio-class cruise missile boats retire, these VPMs could carry unmanned underwater vehicles or mini-submersibles, or eventually carry next-generation missiles.

USS North Dakota SSN-784 underway during 2014 sea trials. U.S. Navy Photo Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Block I or II Virginia class SSN Block I Pearl H 2019

Block IV, showing Virginia Payload Tube (VPT) hatches (large circular hatches) forward of the sail. These carry Tomahawk cruise missiles. These have been fitted to Block III and later boats. Virginia class SSN Block IV Groton CT 2020

Seawolf Class LOA 353′ / 107.6 m TDISP 9,130 tons submerged (3 built, one to a lengthened design, service since 1997)

Seawolf Class SSN Bremerton 2019

USS Jimmy Carter SSN-23 (2005) Longer variant of Seawolf. LOA 453′ / 138.1 m TDISP 12,100 tons submerged. The additional section allows for multiple missions, and can house a Remotely Operated Vehicle or Navy Seal team members.

USS Jimmy Carter transits Hood Canal
USS Jimmy Carter SSN-23 returns to Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor, Apr. 2017. Credit: US Navy 3315948 (Lt. Cmdr. Michael Smith)

USS Jimmy Carter SSN-23 Kitsap WA 2009

Los Angeles Class SSN LOA 362′ / 110.3 m TDISP 7,000 tons submerged. (62 built, ca. 34 retired, service since 1976). Older units of class, retired or soon to retire, have the diving planes fitted to the sail. Many other upgrades were added through the long life of these attack boats, including the installation of 12 VLS tubes forward of the sail.

USS Cheyenne in Apra Harbor
USS Cheyenne SSN-773 arriving at Apra Harbor, Guam, with USS Frank Cable AS-40, an Emory S. Land Class sub tender, in the background, Apr. 2013. Cheyenne is the final unit of the Los Angeles Class. US Navy 904320 (Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Jeffrey Jay Price)

Los Angeles class SSN Bremerton 2018 Los Angeles class SSN retired Bremerton 2019

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