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Corvettes and Patrol Ships

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Skjold Class LOA 156′ / 47.5 m TDISP 275 tons (6 active, starting in 1999) As of 2021 these are these catamaran-hulled corvettes are the fastest warships, and can attain speeds of 60 knots.

KNM Skjold P-690 on the Potomac River, May 2002, main gun not yet fitted. NARA: US Navy 330-CFD-DN-SD-04-02031 Don S. Montgomery

Skjold corvettes Haakonsvern 2019

Offshore Patrol Vessels

NoCGV Svalbard -Coast Guard (2001) LOA 340′ / 103.6 m TDISP 6,400 tons. Heavily influenced the design of the Canadian Harry DeWolf class Arctic Offshore Patrol Ships

Svalbard Longyearbyen_IMG_9893_Kystvakten
NoCGV Svalbard Longyearbyen, ca. 2011 Credit: Bjoertvedt / CC BY-SA 

NoCGV Svalbard OPV Ramsund 2012

Barentshav class Ocean Patrol Vessels LOA 303′ / 92.4 m TDISP 3,200  tons (3 active, service since 2009) also part of the Norwegian Coast Guard.

Bergen W-341, June 2010, CreditL Bergen Oljeindustriens Landsforening / CC BY-SA

Barentshav class OPV Haakonsvern 2018

Nordkapp class offshore patrol vessel LOA 345′ / 105.1 m TDISP 3,200 tons (3 Active, service since early 1980s) Part of Norwegian Coast Guard but can be heavily armed.

KV Senja W-321 OPV near Svalbard, June 2017 Credit: Vetle Nilsen Malmberg / CC BY-SA 

Nordkapp class OPV Ramsund 2019Nordkapp class OPV Sortland 2011Nordkapp class OPV Sortland 2019

Hauk Class Patrol / Motor Torpedo Boats LOA 120′ / 36.6 m TDISP 160 tons (14, all retired, service 1977-2008)

Hauk Class MTB HNoMS Lom, Apr. 2007. originally User:Inge edited by WerWil 17:35, 18 April 2007 (UTC) / Public domain

Hauk Class patrol Haakonsvern 2009

Storm Class Fast Patrol Boats LOA 120′ / 36.6 m TDISP 138 tons (20 built, in service with Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania service from 1965)

Storm class patrol ship Skalvis P-33 in service with Lithuanian Navy ca. 2008 Credit: Ministry of National Defence Republic of Lithuania /GFDL

Blink P-961HNoMS BLink Storm class museum Horten 2014

KNM Blink P-961 in situ in the Royal Norwegian Navy Museum at Horten, ca. 2012. This shows the Penguin anti-ship missile launchers fitted at various times. Credit: Tommy Gildseth / CC BY-SA 

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