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Corvettes and Patrol Ships

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Skjold Class LOA 156′ TDISP 275 tons (6 active, starting in 1999) As of 2021 these are these catamaran-hulled corvettes are the fastest warships, and can attain speeds of 60 knots.

KNM Skjold P-690 on the Potomac River, May 2002, main gun not yet fitted. NARA: US Navy 330-CFD-DN-SD-04-02031 Don S. Montgomery

Skjold corvettes Haakonsvern 2019

Offshore Patrol Vessels

NoCGV Svalbard -Coast Guard (2001) LOA 340′ TDISP 6,400 tons. Heavily influenced the design of the Canadian Harry DeWolf class Arctic Offshore Patrol Ships

Svalbard Longyearbyen_IMG_9893_Kystvakten
NoCGV Svalbard Longyearbyen, ca. 2011 Credit: Bjoertvedt / CC BY-SA 

NoCGV Svalbard OPV Ramsund 2012

Barentshav class Ocean Patrol Vessels LOA 303′ TDISP 3,200  tons (3 active, service since 2009) also part of the Norwegian Coast Guard.

Bergen W-341, June 2010, CreditL Bergen Oljeindustriens Landsforening / CC BY-SA

Barentshav class OPV Haakonsvern 2018

Nordkapp class offshore patrol vessel LOA 345′ TDISP 3,200 tons (3 Active, service since early 1980s) Part of Norwegian Coast Guard but can be heavily armed.

KV Senja W-321 OPV near Svalbard, June 2017 Credit: Vetle Nilsen Malmberg / CC BY-SA 

Nordkapp class OPV Ramsund 2019Nordkapp class OPV Sortland 2011Nordkapp class OPV Sortland 2019

Hauk Class Patrol / Motor Torpedo Boats LOA 120′ TDISP 160 tons (14, all retired, service 1977-2008)

Hauk Class MTB HNoMS Lom, Apr. 2007. originally User:Inge edited by WerWil 17:35, 18 April 2007 (UTC) / Public domain

Hauk Class patrol Haakonsvern 2009

Storm Class Fast Patrol Boats LOA 120′ TDISP 138 tons (20 built, in service with Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania service from 1965)

Storm class patrol ship Skalvis P-33 in service with Lithuanian Navy ca. 2008 Credit: Ministry of National Defence Republic of Lithuania /GFDL

Blink P-961HNoMS BLink Storm class museum Horten 2014

KNM Blink P-961 in situ in the Royal Norwegian Navy Museum at Horten, ca. 2012. This shows the Penguin anti-ship missile launchers fitted at various times. Credit: Tommy Gildseth / CC BY-SA 

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