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Mine Warfare Ships

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Alta Class Mineweepers and Oksoy Class Minehunters LOA 181′ / 55.2 m TDISP 375 tons (6 active, 3 of each class, service since 1994, Alta Class Orkla M-353 destroyed by fire 2002). Virtually identical catamaran hulled ships with different roles, based on equipment on the rear deck.

Alta Class Rauma M-352 River Clyde, 2006 Credit: BigStuart at English Wikipedia / CC BY-SA
KNM Hinnøy_M343
KNM Hinnøy M-343, Oksøy-class mine hunter, visiting River Mersey, Liverpool, ca. 2013. Credit: Harrias / CC BY-SA
Alta or Oksoy Mine Haakonsvern 2009
Based on the above photos, these appear to be Oksøy class. Note the smaller step-down to the stern counter.
Alta or Oksoy Mine Haakonsvern 2009-1
Based on the above photos, the upper vessel appears to be Alta class. Note the larger area at the stern.

Sauda Class minesweepers and mine hunter LOA 144′ / 43.9 m TDISP 330 tons (10, 1 preserved)

HNoMS Alta M-314 (1966-1996) Museum ship of the Royal Norwegian Navy Museum in Oslo Harbour

KNM Alta M-314, museum ship, entering Horten Harbour, ca. 2013 Credit: Ulflarsen / CC BY-SA

Alta M-314 MS 2015

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