Royal Norwegian Navy – Submarines


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Attack Submarines (Diesel-Electric)

Ula Class LOA 194′ TDISP 1,150 tons submerged (6 active, service since 1989)Ula Class submarines Haakonsvern 2009

Kobben Class Type 207 Attack Submarine LOA 155′ TDISP 485 tons submerged (15 built, Norway transferred several to Denmark and Poland – where they may still be operational. Service since 1964). They were active with Norway from 1964-2001.

HNoMS Utstein (1965-1998) now a museum boat at Horten, Royal Norwegian Navy Museum.HNoMS Utstein sub museum Horten 2015HMNoS Uthaug (1965-1990) transferred to Denmark 1990 as HDMS Sælen (1990-2003) now museum boat at former naval HQ Holmen, Copenhagen.HDMS Sælen ex Uthaug sub museum Copenhagen 2018

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