Royal Norwegian Navy – Submarines


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Attack Submarines (Diesel-Electric)

Ula Class LOA 194′ / 59.1 m TDISP 1,150 tons submerged (6 active, service since 1989)Ula Class submarines Haakonsvern 2009

Kobben Class Type 207 Attack Submarine LOA 155′ / 47.2 m TDISP 485 tons submerged (15 built, Norway transferred several to Denmark and Poland – where they may still be operational. Service since 1964). They were active with Norway from 1964-2001.

HNoMS Utstein (1965-1998) now a museum boat at Horten, Royal Norwegian Navy Museum.HNoMS Utstein sub museum Horten 2015HMNoS Uthaug (1965-1990) transferred to Denmark 1990 as HDMS Sælen (1990-2003) now museum boat at former naval HQ Holmen, Copenhagen.HDMS Sælen ex Uthaug sub museum Copenhagen 2018

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