Royal Norwegian Navy – Frigates


Fridtjof Nansen Class LOA 440′ / 134.1 m TDISP 5,300 tons (5 built, 4 active, 1 lost)

HNoMS Otto Suerdrup F-312 during BALTOPS 2020. US Navy Official 6235916 PO1 Kyle Steckler

HNoMS Fridtjof Nansen F-310 Haakonsvern 2009HNoMS Roald Amundsen F-311 Haakonsvern 2009

Oslo Class LOA 317′ / 96.6 m TDISP 1,700 tons (5 built, 1 lost, 1 preserved) design based on USN Dealey class Destroyer Escorts.

KNM Trondheim F-302 enter Port Everglades, FL while serving with NATO Standing Naval Force Atlantic, March 1993. NARA: US Navy 330-CFD-DN-SC-93-02755 OS2 John Bouvia

HnoMS Narvik F-304 (1966-2007) Museum ship in Horten since 2007

HNoMS Narvik Horten 2015Oslo Class frigates Ramsund 2012Oslo Class frigates Haakonsvern 2005

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