Royal Navy – Royal Fleet Auxiliaries and Other Ships

Royal Navy Royal Fleet Auxiliaries and Other Ships

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Aviation Training and Primary Care Hospital

Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) Argus A-135 (1988) LOA 574′ TDISP 28,000 tons. Originally a container ship, then under contract to the Ministry of Defence from 1982, originally as MV Contender Bezant, with service in the Falklands War.

Fleet Week New York 2012
RFA Argus during Fleet Week New York City, 2012 US Navy Official 587698 CPO Elisandro T. Diaz

RFA Argus Plymouth 2016

Fleet Replenishment

Fort Rosalie (originally Fort George) Class Fleet Replenishment LOA 603′ TDISP 23,400 tons (2 built 1978, both still active)RFA Fort Rosalie class falmouth 2001RFA Fort Austin A-386 (1979) Laid up at Birkenhead Docks, 2018RFA Fort Austin Birkenhead 2019RFA Fort Austin Portland 2017

Fleet Tankers

Rover Class small fleet tankers LOA 461′ TDISP 11,500 tons (5 built, 2 transferred to other navies, 3 RFA units retired)

RFA Black Rover A-273 (1974-2015)RFA Black Rover Birkenhead 2016

Forward Repair Ship

RFA Diligence A-132 (1984-2016) LOA 367′ TDISP 10,600 tons. Laid up first at Birkenhead Docks then Portsmouth. Had been a civilian ship requisitioned by the UK Government, based on a oil rig support vessel

USS Gettysburg action
RFA Diligence training with USS Gettysburg Sep. 2011 US Navy Official 464087 PO3 Betsy Knapper

RFA Diligence Birkenhead 2016

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