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USN Retired Auxiliaries and Other Ships (see also current listing)

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Submarine Tenders

USS McKee AS-41 (1981-1999) Emory S. Land Class LOA 645′ TDISP 23,000 tonsUSS McKee Philedelphia 2004

Fulton Class LOA 530′ TDISP 9,400 tons (7, all scrapped)

USS Fulton AS-11, 1984 NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SC-85-01936

USS Sperry AS-12 (1944-1982) adapted 1961 to service nuclear ballistic missile submarines. Laid up Suisun Bay 1982-2011. Scrapped 2011USS Sperry AS-12 Suisun 2011.jpg

Destroyer Tenders

USS Puget Sound AD-38 (1968-1996) Samuel Gompers Class LOA 643′ TDISP 20,500 tons Laid up in Philadelphia Inactive Ship Facility scrapped 2008.USS Puget Sound Philedelphia 2007

Seaplane Tenders

Barnegat Class Small Seaplane Tender LOA 310′ TDISP 2,550 tons (35, all retired, service in many navies, 1944-ca.2000, none known to still exist). In addition to supporting the operation of a squadron of seaplanes, these had substantial anti-surface, AA, and ASW armament. After the War, they would go on to serve in many roles, in the US Coast Guard, and in many navies.

USS Orca AVP-49 1944 19-N-61647
USS Orca AVP-49 Feb. 1944, two weeks after commissioning. Courtesy of the Naval History and Heritage Command NARA: 19-N-61647

USS Orca AVP-49 (1944-1960) Earned 3 Battle stars in the Pacific War, a Presidential Citation, and other commendations, for successful attacks and life-saving efforts of the ship and its embarked seaplanes. After the War, was involved in supply efforts around the Bikini Atoll bomb tests. Transferred to the Ethiopian Navy as Military Aid in 1962, as “Ethiopia” A-01, Flagship and training vessel. Modifications included an extended deckhouse aft and the removal of most of the armament. Ethiopia remained the largest Ethiopian naval unit for rest of career. During the Ethiopian Civil War/Eritrean War of Independence, in 1991, a dozen warships fled to Yemen, as Eritrean control extended over the naval facilities. The ship was hulked soon after, and sold for scrap in 1993. The below views confirm the ship survived largely intact past 2003, West of the Yemenese naval facility at Hodeidah, and was only gradually dismantled 2004-2012.

USS Orca AVP-49 NHHC 80-G-668276
USS Orca AVP-49 underway April 1955. Courtesy of the National History and Heritage Command. NARA

Ethiopia A-01 Barnegat Class Yemen 2003Ethiopia A-01 Barnegat Class scrap Yemen 2012

Submarine Rescue Ships (ASR)

Pigeon Class LOA 251′ TDISP 5,000 tons (2 retired and scrapped ca 2009) innovative catamaran-hulled design.

USS Ortolan ASR-22 DN-SC-88-09155
USS Ortolan ASR-22, ca. 1979 USN DN-SC-88-09155  PH3 Colin E. Fritz, Courtesy of the Naval History and Heritage Command

USS Pigeon ASR-21 (1973-1992) scrapped 2012USS Pigeon ASR-21 Suisun Bay 2011

USS Ortolan ASR-22 (1973-1995) scrapped 2009USS Ortolan ASR-22 JRRF 2007

Large Transports

Converted Ocean Liners

USS West Point AP-23 (Originally SS America- United States Lines) (1939) LOA 723′ TDISP 35,000 tons wartime USS West Point (1941-1946). Long postwar career as America, and many other names. As SS American Star wrecked on way to scrapping, 1994, Playa de Garcey, Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands. For many years the wreck-site was an attraction, with the front half of the vessel gradually deteriorating. In 2007 the bows collapsed into the sea and little remains visible.SS American Star wreck Fuerteventura 2004SS American Star wreck Fuerteventura 2007

Barrett Class Transport LOA 534′ TDISP 17,600 tons

USNS Upshur T-AP-198 (1952 – 1973) constructed 1951 as SS President Hayes. After retirement from USNS became TS State of Maine, used as training vessel at Maine and Massachusetts maritime academies until 1995, when it became a US Coast Guard Fire Training Vessel with ex-USS Shadwell Little Sand Island Mobile Bay AB removed 2010-2011 scrapped Brownsville TXUSNS Upshur mobile AB 2007

P2 Transport types

ex-USNS General Hugh J. Gaffey (originally Admiral W.L. Capps) AP-121, used as a Barracks Ship Pearl Harbor HW ca. 1987 NARA: 330-CFD-DN-ST-87-03912 Don S. Montgomery, USN (Ret.)

USNS General Edwin D. Patrick T-AP-124 (Originally Admiral C.F. Hughes – 1945) LOA 609′ TDISP 17,000 tons in reserve fleet Suisun Bay 1968-2010, scrapped 2010 and General John S. Pope T-AP-110 (1943) LOA 623′ TDISP 17,900 tons in reserve fleet Suisun Bay 1970-2010 scrapped 2010

Admiral CF Hughes NH 80020
USAT Admiral C.F. Hughes AP-124 ca. 1946 NH 80020 Courtesy of Naval History and Heritage Command Collection of Mr. James Russell

USNS tranports Generals E D Patrick and J S Pope Suisun 2009.jpg

General John s pope NH 78646
USS General John S. Pope AP-110 transporting soldiers back from the Pacific NH 78646 Courtesy of the Naval History and Heritage Command Donald M. McPherson Collection

Hospital Ships

Haven Class LOA 522′ TDISP 15,200 tons (6, 1 lost in collision, rest scrapped)

USS Sanctuary AH-17 (1945 – 1975) laid up until 1989, sold to civilian use, attempts to convert to an addiction recovery center were mired in legal battles over cost of docking the vessel in Baltimore, MD, eventually sold for scrapping in Brownsville TX, 2011USS Sanctuary AH-17 Baltimore 2010

USS Sanctuary AH-17 NH 75350
USS Sanctuary in 1945, long before the addition of the large helicopter pad over the stern. NH 75350 Courtesy of the Naval Heritage and History Command

Merchant ships used by USN

USNS Observation Island T-AGM-23 (1958-2014) LOA 564′ TDISP 17,000 tons Originally launched as a Mariner Class merchant ship for the US Maritime Commission in 1953. Extensively converted to an experimental platform for ballistic missile research, and then to a missile range instrumentation ship (similar to Russian ships in this role). Conducted Polaris missile launch tests in 1959-1960. After transfer to the Military Sealift Command, the ship was fitted with the massive Cobra Judy radar, on a rotating mount near the stern, to help verify strategic arms limitation treaties by scanning for ballistic missile launches.

USNS Observation Island off Hawaii, 1983. Credit U.S. Air Force/TSGT Bert Mau / Public domain

USNS Observation Island

Liberty Ships LOA 442′ TDISP 14,400 tons (2710 built – 2 survive as museum ships and one is a docked building)

USNS Albert M. Boe T-AKV-6 (1945) last Liberty Ship built. Commissioned in the USN 1950-1954. Disposed sold 1964 as SS Kodiak Star fish cannery ship. Now a landlocked building, Kodiak AL, in same role for Trident Seafoods.

Sister ship SS John W. Brown (no USN service) provided for comparison.

SS Arthur M. Huddel (1943) Converted to a fuel pipe carrier, veteran of Operation Pluto, Normandy operations, 1944. After the War she was reactivated as a cable layer and involved in the construction of the Distant Early Warning (DEW) Line, and again later reactivated by US Navy as a barge to help lay the SOSUS sonar surveillance network in the Atlantic. After a long period in reserve at James River, where she contributed parts for the SS John W. Brown reconstruction, she was transferred to Greece as a museum ship in 2008.SS Arthur M. Huddel Piraeus 2018

Victory ships LOA 455′ TDISP 7,200 tons. Slightly larger than Liberty ships with different propulsion. (534 built, 3 preserved)

SS Red Oak Victory (1944-1969) commissioned into the USN as USS Red Oak Victory (AK-235) At Suisun Bay inactive fleet 1969-1998, when she was acquired for a museum ship in Richmond CA.SS Red Oak Victory Richmond CA 2018

SS American Victory (1945-ca. 1985, in and out of activation) Pacific War, Korean War, and Vietnam War veteran. Chartered by US government. Twice the ship was refitted for naval purposes, but does not seem to have ever been a commissioned USNS ship. Museum ship in Tampa FL.SS American Victory Tampa 2012

SS Lane Victory (1945-ca. 1970) Pacific War, Korean War, Vietnam War veteran. Chartered US government service. Since 1989 has been a museum ship Los Angeles CASS Lane Victory Los Angeles 2015

Experimental Ships

Swift HSV-2 (2003-2013) LOA 322′ TDISP 1,700 tons. High Speed wave-piercing catamaran design evaluated by the Military Sealift Command. Acquired or leased by United Arab Emirates. Attached by Houthi rebels of Yemen and damaged in 2016. Judged not worth repairing and laid up in shipyards Salamis Island, Greece.

HSV Swift at Guantanamo in 2007. Credit: Paul Farley, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

HSV Swift damaged Salamis Island 2019

Fleet Tugboats

Cherokee or Abnaki Class LOA 205′ TDISP 1,200 tons. (ca. 1940) USN Fleet tugboats Campostella near Norfolk VA 2002

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