USN Retired Auxiliaries and Other Ships

Submarine Tenders

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Fulton Class LOA 530′ TDISP 9,400 tons (7, all scrapped)


USS Fulton AS-11, 1984 NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SC-85-01936

USS Sperry AS-12 (1944-1982) adapted 1961 to service nuclear ballistic missile submarines. Laid up Suisun Bay 1982-2011. Scrapped 2011USS Sperry AS-12 Suisun 2011.jpg

Large Transports

Barrett Class Transport LOA 534′ TDISP 17,600 tons

USNS Upshur T-AP-198 (1952 – 1973) constructed 1951 as SS President Hayes. After retirement from USNS became TS State of Maine, used as training vessel at Maine and Massachusetts maritime academies until 1995, when it became a US Coast Guard Fire Training Vessel with ex-USS Shadwell Little Sand Island Mobile Bay AB removed 2010-2011 scrapped Brownsville TXUSNS Upshur mobile AB 2007

P2 Transport types


ex-USNS General Hugh J. Gaffey (originally Admiral W.L. Capps) AP-121, used as a Barracks Ship Pearl Harbor HW ca. 1987 NARA: 330-CFD-DN-ST-87-03912 Don S. Montgomery, USN (Ret.)

USNS General Edwin D. Patrick T-AP-124 (Originally Admiral C.F. Hughes – 1945) LOA 609′ TDISP 17,000 tons in reserve fleet Suisun Bay 1968-2010, scrapped 2010 and General John S. Pope T-AP-110 (1943) LOA 623′ TDISP 17,900 tons in reserve fleet Suisun Bay 1970-2010 scrapped 2010

Admiral CF Hughes NH 80020

USAT Admiral C.F. Hughes AP-124 ca. 1946 NH 80020 Courtesy of Naval History and Heritage Command Collection of Mr. James Russell

USNS tranports Generals E D Patrick and J S Pope Suisun 2009.jpg

General John s pope NH 78646

USS General John S. Pope AP-110 transporting soldiers back from the Pacific NH 78646 Courtesy of the Naval History and Heritage Command Donald M. McPherson Collection

Hospital Ships

Haven Class LOA 522′ TDISP 15,200 tons (6, 1 lost in collision, rest scrapped)

USS Sanctuary AH-17 (1945 – 1975) laid up until 1989, sold to civilian use, attempts to convert to an addiction recovery center were mired in legal battles over cost of docking the vessel in Baltimore, MD, eventually sold for scrapping in Brownsville TX, 2011USS Sanctuary AH-17 Baltimore 2010

USS Sanctuary AH-17 NH 75350

USS Sanctuary in 1945, long before the addition of the large helicopter pad over the stern. NH 75350 Courtesy of the Naval Heritage and History Command

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