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Mine Warfare Ships

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Hunt Class LOA 196′ / 59.7 m TDISP 750 tons (13 built, 6 active with RN, 3 active with Greece and Lithuania, 1 Greek ship sunk, service since 1981)

HMS Atherstone M-38 (1987-2017) at Portsmouth, 2011. Credit: Paul Hermans, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Hunt class MS Portsmouth 2016 Hunt class MS Portsmouth 2019

HMS Brecon M-29 (1979-2005) transferred 2008 to become the static training ship at HMS Raleigh. Moored off Jupiter Point. HMS Brecon at HMS Raleigh 2017

Sandown Class LOA 172′ / 52.4 m TDISP 600 tons (12 built for RN, 3 decommissioned and 3 transferred to Estonia. 3 built for Saudi Arabia, 7 active, service since 1998)

HMS Pembroke M-107 at Grand Harbour, Malta, 2008. Credit: K B from Malta, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Hindostan Sandown class Britannia RN college 2020Sandown class MS Portsmouth 2004

River class Fleet Minesweepers LOA 154′ / 46.9 m TISP 900 tons (12 built, RN service 1984-1994, transferred to Brazil, Bangladesh, and Guyana, still in service)

HMS Blackwater mine warfare paying off
HMS Blackwater, River class minesweeper, shown close to shore flying her Paying Off pennant, before transfer to Bangladesh on 3 October 1994. Copyright: © IWM FL 26403.

River class mine warfare Chittagong 2019

Ton class Coastal Minesweepers LOA 153′ / 46.6 m TDISP 450 tons (119 built, service in several navies, all retired) Mahogany-hulled. See Royal Australian Navy pages for other examples.

HMS Wasperton (1956-1986), after 1971 conversion to a patrol ship, Hong Kong squadron, participating in joint exercises with the Royal Thai Navy, 1973. Courtesy of James Nolton, who retains copyright [Detail of].
HMS Bronington M-1115 (1954-1988) From 1989 to 2016 she was preserved, as a museum ship or awaiting restoration, and was in the collection of the Warship Preservation Trust before its closure. In 2016 she sank at the dock, and has remained half-submerged.HMS Bronington M-1115 West Float 2015HMS Bronington M-1115 derelict West Float 2020

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