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Landing Ships

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Perseverance L-206 Landing Ship Logistics LSL (1994-2003) LOA 412′ / 125.6 m TDISP 5,500 tons British Round Table or Sir Lancelot Class, formerly RFA Sir Lancelot L- 3029 (1964-1989) service in the Falklands War. Sold commercially 2003, scrapped 2008.

RFA SIr Lancelot L-3029
RFA Sir Lancelot L-3029, Apr.-June 1982 during the Falklands War. Sir Lancelot was struck by an Argentine 1000 lb bomb, which failed to detonate. Imperial War Museum, © IWM MH 27593 RN photographer.

Perserverance L-206 Tuas singapore 2003

MK2 LST 542 class (also called County Class) LOA 328′ / 100 m TDISP 4,000 tons (ex-USN) (6 transferred to Singapore, all retired, 2 may still be inactive or converted to stationary roles) see USN retired Landing Ships for more views of this type.LST MK 2 LST Tuas singapore 2017LST MK 2 LST Tuas singapore 2015

RSS Excellence L-202 (1976-ca. 2000) formerly US LST-629 (1944-1973) service in the Second World War in the Pacific Campaign, including the landings at Okinawa. RSS Intrepid L-203 (1976-ca. 2000) formerly US LST-579 (1944-1976) service in the Second World War in several Pacific Campaign operations.

LST MK 2 LSTs Changi singapore 2005
According to Jane’s Fighting Ships 1998-99 edition, Singapore had two upgraded ex-USN LSTs, but only RSS Excellence was given a helicopter pad at the stern, making the lower unit Excellence.
LST MK 2 LSTs Changi singapore 2009
By 2009, both retired LSTs were at Changi Naval Base, with Excellence having the helicopter pad removed sometime soon after 2005.

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