Singapore – Corvettes and Patrol Ships

Corvettes and Patrol Ships

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Victory Class Corvette LOA 203′ TDISP 600 tons (6 active) In service since 1990.

RSS Valiant 91, taken from USS Theodore Roosevelt, 2018 [Detail of] US Navy Official 180406-N-NK192-1242 PO3 Michael Colemanberry
Victory class corvettes Tuas singapore 2019Victory class corvette Tuas singapore 2019

Independence Class Littoral Mission Vessel LMV LOA 263′ TDISP 1,200 tons (8 active)

RSS Fortitude 20, ca. 2018. Seloloving / CC BY-SA

RSS Unity 17 (2017) and RSS Dauntless 21 (2020)* (pennant 21 is a best guess of the below). Note large stern dock for 2 RHIB (Rigid-hulled Inflatable Boats), and what appears to be a broader landing area on some units.RSS Unity and Dauntless Tuas singapore 2019RSS Sovereignty 16 (2017)RSS Sovereignty 16 Tuas singapore 2017

Fearless Class Patrol Vessel LOA 180′ TDISP 500 tons (12 built, 2 active, 1 lost, in service since 1996)

RSS Resilience 82, ca. 2007. Resilience was retired in 2018. VK35 / CC BY-SA

Fearless class patrol Tuas singapore 2019

RSS Courageous  (1996-2003) extensively damaged during a 2003 collision, which sheared off her stern, killing four female crewmembers. The ship was towed back to Changi and taken out of the water to inspect the damage and search for remains. It appears that the ship has remained at the dockyards, out of water, since this incident, with the stern gradually being rebuilt.RSS Courageous Changi 2005RSS Courageous Changi 2019

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