Portuguese Navy – Auxiliaries and Other Ships

Auxiliaries and Other Ships

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NRP Berrio A-5210 (1993-2020) LOA 461′ / 140.5 m TDISP 11,500 tons (formerly RFA Blue Rover A–270 1970-1993, Falklands War veteran)

NRP Berrio Lisbon 2018

Sail Training Ships

Sagres A-520 (1937) LOA 292′ / 89 m TDISP 1,800 tons. 3 masted barque, has had a long career starting with Nazi Germany, then to the United States as war reparations, then to Brazil, and on to Portugal with service since 1961. She is a sistership of Gorch Fock (ex-Tovarishch), Gorch Fock II USCGC Eagle (ex-Horst Wessel), Mircea.

NRP Sagres in the Arade River, Algarve ca. 2014. Credit: Joseolgon / CC BY-SA

NRP Sagres Lisbon 2016

UAM Creoula (1937) Portuguese navy service from ca. 1980. LOA 221′ / 67.4 m TDISP 1,300 tons currently appears to be rigged as a 4-masted schooner.

UAM Creoula at the naval dockyards near Lisbon, ca. 2007 Credit: Xuaxo / CC BY-SA 

UAM Creoula Lisbon 2016

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