Portuguese Navy – Corvettes and Patrol Ships

Corvettes and Patrol Ships

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Baptista de Andrade class corvettes LOA 266′ / 81.1 m TDISP 1,400 tons (4 built, 1 active; service since 1974)

NRP João Roby F-487 (1975)

NRP João Roby F-487, ca. 2011 Credit: Lacobrigo / CC BY-SA 

NRP João Roby F-487 Lisbon 2018

João Coutinho class corvettes (1970-2018) LOA 266′ / 81.1 m TDISP 1,400 tons (6, all retired service 1970-2018)

João Coutinho class corvettes lisbon 2007
The top corvette, with the 3″/50 gun still fitted, appears to be the former NRP Honório Barreto F-485.

NRP António Enes F-471 (1971-2019)

NRP António Enes F-471_Antonio_Enes_03
NRP António Enes F-471, Horta, Azores ca. 2010 Credit: Wo st 01 / Wikimedia Commons

NRP António Enes F-471 Lisbon 2018

Viana do Castelo class Offshore Patrol Vessel LOA 272′ / 82.9 m TDISP 1,600 tons (4 active, 2 fitting out, service since 2011)

NRP Viana do Castelo P-360 (2011)

Viena de Castelo
NRP Viena do Castelo P-360 Credit: http://www.forumdefesa.com / Public domain

NRP Viana do Castelo OPV Lisbon

Tejo Class Coastal Patrol Ships LOA 177′ / 53.9 m TDISP 450 tons  Flyvefisken-class patrol vessels transferred from Royal Danish Navy (4 active, service since 1992)

NRP Mondego P-592, 2019 Credit: Portuguese Armed Forces

Tejo class CPV Lisbon 2015

Cacine class large patrol boats LOA 158’ / 48.1 m TDISP 310 tons (9 retired, service 1969-ca. 2019)Cacine class local patrol Lisbon 2018

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