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Auxiliaries and Other Ships

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Oste Class Type 423 LOA 274′ TDISP 3,200 tons (3 active)

FGS Alster A-50 (1989)

Alster SIGINT marinestützpunktkommando-kiel-025
Alster A-50 SIGINT ship ca.2013. Credit: Ralf Roletschek / CC BY 

Alster A-50 Kiel 2005

Replenishment / Resupply

Berlin Class Type 702 Replenishment LOA 570′ TDISP 20,200 tons (3 active)

FGS Bonn A-1413 (2013)

Bonn A-1413 July 2013 CreditClemens Vasters from Viersen, Germany / CC BY (

Bonn A-1413 Wilhelmshaven 2016Bonn A-1413 Wilhelmshaven 2016FGS Frankfurt am Main A-1412 (2002)Frankfurt am Main A-1412 Kiel 2005

 Rhön class tanker Type 704 LOA 427′ TDISP 14,200 tons (2 active, service since 1977)

FGS Rhön during exerxises BALTOPS 2020. US Navy Official 6235931 PO1 Kyle Steckler

 Rhön class tanker Kiel 2005Rhön class tanker Wilhelmshaven 2017

Elbe class Type 404 replenishment ships LOA 329′ TDISP 3,600 tons (6 active, since 1993)

Donau A-516, participating in Hanse Sail 2005 Credit: Darkone / CC BY-SA

FGS Elbe A-511 (1993)Elbe A-511 Warnemunde 2013FGS Main A-515 (1995)FGS Main A-515 Lisbon 2015Main A-515 Eckernförde 2016FGS Donau A-516 (1994)Donau A-516 Warnemunde 2013

Walchensee class tanker Type 703 LOA 243′ TDISP 2,100 tons (4 retired, service 1966-2015)Walchensee class tanker Type 703 Wilhelmshaven 2017

Lüneburg Class Type 701 LOA 341′ to 375′ TDISP 4,000 tons (8 retired, 2 transferred to Hellenic Navy, 2 to Columbia and 1 to Uruguay)

FGS Lüneburg A-1411 (1966-1994) transferred to Columbia as ARC Cartagena de Indias 161 (1997) AND FGS Nienburg A-1416 (1968-ca. 1996) transferred to Columbia as ARC Buenaventura 162 (1998) both units original 341′ lengths, not lengthened like most of class.ARC luneburg class ships Cartagena 2018

FGS Freiburg A-1413 (1968-2003) only unit lengthened to 388′ with addition of helicopter landing deck (transferred to Uruguay 2005, still active)

Freiburg A-1413, Port Said, Egypt, 1991 Credit: Raywood / Public domain

Freiburg now General Artigas uruguay 2010


Wangerooge class sea going tugboats with ice strengthened hulls LOA 171′ TDISP 1,000 tons (5 built, 2 active, service since 1968) some now converted to diver training ships

Wangerooge A-1451 at Wilhelmshaven ca. 2011 Credit: Ein Dahmer / CC BY-SA

Wangerooge class tug Wilhelmshaven 2017

Sail Training Ships

Gorch Fock (II) (1958) LOA 266′ TDISP 1,760 tons

Kieler Woche 1986
Gorch Fock, ca. 1986. Credit: Stadtarchiv Kiel / Georg Gasch Collection, 39.724/ CC BY-SA 3.0 DE 

Gorch Fock II Kiel 2015Gorch Fock (1933) LOA 269′ TDISP 1,500 tons. Museum ship since 2003, Stralsund.

Gorch Fock at Stralsund, 2008 Credit: Sebastian Weigelt (Ambross07) / CC BY-SA

Gorch Fock Stralsund 2015

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