German Navy – Mine Warfare Ships

Mine Warfare Ships

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Ensdorf Class LOA 179′ TDISP 650 tons (5, 2 active)

FGS Uberherrn M-1095 passing Clydebank on her way to KGV Dock, Glasgow, UK CredityMark Harkin / CC BY

FGS Hameln M-1092 (1989-2014)Hameln M-1092 Kiel 2016

Frankenthal class Type 332 minehunter LOA 178′ TDISP 650 tons (12 built, 10 active, 2 transferred to United Arab Emirates, service since 1992)

FGS Weilheim M-1059 ca. 2013 Credit: Mark Harkin /CC BY 
Frankenthal class mine Kiel 2005
This is most likely M-1062 Sulzbach-Rosenberg.

Lindau class minehunter LOA 155′ TDISP 470 tons (18, all retired, 1 preserved as a museum ship, several others may be privately owned)

FGS Weilheim M-1077 (1958-1976) Museum Ship, Wilhelmshaven

Weilheim M-1077 and other museum ships at Marinemuseum Wilhelmshaven, ca. 2010. Credit: Wassen / CC BY-SA

Weilhelm M-1077 Wilhelmshaven 2017

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