German Navy – Corvettes and Patrol Ships

Corvettes and Patrol Ships

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Braunschweig class K-130 Corvettes LOA 292′ / 89 m TDISP 1,800 tons (5 active, 2 building)

FGS Braunschweig F-260 (2008)

FGS Braunschweig F-260 newly built, sailing from Hamburg, 2006. Credit: Torsten Bätge / CC BY-SA

Braunschweig F-260 Wilhelmshaven 2017Braunschweig F-260 Warnemunde 2018FGS Magdeburg F-261 (2008)Magdeburg F-261 Warnemunde 2015FGS Erfurt F-262 (2013)

USS Porter
FGS Erfurt F-262 transiting the Danish Straits Apr. 2018[Detail of] US Navy Official 4302781 PO2 Ford Williams
Erfurt F-262 Warnemunde 2018Erfurt F-262 Devonport 2019FGS Oldenburg F-263 (2013)Oldenburg F-263 Warnemunde 2018FGS Ludwigshafen am Rhein F-264 (2013)Ludwigshafen am Rhein F-264 Warnemunde 2015

Gepard Class (Type 143A)  fast attack craft LOA 189′ / 57.6 m TDISP 390 tons (10, all retired, service from 1982-2016)

Puma S-72 (P-6122), ca. 2015 Credit: Michael Krahe / CC BY-SA

Gepard Warnemunde 2015FGS Gepard S-71 NATO P-6121 (1982-2017) Museum Ship WilhelmshavenGepard S-71 Wilhelmshaven 2017FGS Nerz S-74 NATO P-6124 (1983-2012)

Nerz S-74 ca.2005 at Warnemunde. The original uploader was Orator at German Wikipedia. / CC BY-SA

Nerz S-74 Gepard Warnemunde 2006

Jaguar Class Fast Attack Craft (Torpedo Boat) built by Lurssen LOA 140′ / 42.7 m TDISP 210 tons (20, all retired, service 1957-1975) one boat, Kranich, was preserved at the Maritime Museum at Bremerhaven until about 2006. Export boats built for Royal Saudi Navy, Indonesia and Turkish Navy.

West-German Navy Jaguar Class Torpedo Boat Dommel, ca. 1970. Credit: אדמירל הנס פרנק צי גרמניה, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Jaguar FAC Kranich Bremerhaven Museum 2004

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