German Navy – Corvettes and Patrol Ships

Corvettes and Patrol Ships

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Braunschweig class K-130 Corvettes LOA 292′ / 89 m TDISP 1,800 tons (5 active, 2 building)

FGS Braunschweig F-260 (2008)

FGS Braunschweig F-260 newly built, sailing from Hamburg, 2006. Credit: Torsten Bätge / CC BY-SA

Braunschweig F-260 Wilhelmshaven 2017Braunschweig F-260 Warnemunde 2018FGS Magdeburg F-261 (2008)Magdeburg F-261 Warnemunde 2015FGS Erfurt F-262 (2013)

USS Porter
FGS Erfurt F-262 transiting the Danish Straits Apr. 2018[Detail of] US Navy Official 4302781 PO2 Ford Williams
Erfurt F-262 Warnemunde 2018Erfurt F-262 Devonport 2019FGS Oldenburg F-263 (2013)Oldenburg F-263 Warnemunde 2018FGS Ludwigshafen am Rhein F-264 (2013)Ludwigshafen am Rhein F-264 Warnemunde 2015

Gepard Class (Type 143A)  fast attack craft LOA 189′ / 57.6 m TDISP 390 tons (10, all retired, service from 1982-2016)

Puma S-72 (P-6122), ca. 2015 Credit: Michael Krahe / CC BY-SA

Gepard Warnemunde 2015FGS Gepard S-71 NATO P-6121 (1982-2017) Museum Ship WilhelmshavenGepard S-71 Wilhelmshaven 2017FGS Nerz S-74 NATO P-6124 (1983-2012)

Nerz S-74 ca.2005 at Warnemunde. The original uploader was Orator at German Wikipedia. / CC BY-SA

Nerz S-74 Gepard Warnemunde 2006

Jaguar Class Fast Attack Craft (Torpedo Boat) built by Lurssen LOA 140′ / 42.7 m TDISP 210 tons (20, all retired, service 1957-1975) one boat, Kranich, was preserved at the Maritime Museum at Bremerhaven until about 2006. Export boats built for Royal Saudi Navy, Indonesia and Turkish Navy.

West-German Navy Jaguar Class Torpedo Boat Dommel, ca. 1970. Credit: אדמירל הנס פרנק צי גרמניה, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Jaguar FAC Kranich Bremerhaven Museum 2004

S-100 class S-Boote (E boat) LOA 115′ TDISP 100 tons. (ca. 81 units, 1 preserved, service 1943-1945, then postwar service with other nations and West German Navy)

S-130 Last S-Boot known to exist, Second World War Kriegsmarine service (1943-1945), including at the Allied Operation Tiger (debacle) and opposing the D-Day landings, June 1944. After surrender, she had a colourful postwar career in the “Klose Fast patrol group” of clandestine services (Gehlen organization) aiding partisans in the Baltic States and Poland to resist Soviet rule, until it was handed to the new West German navy, to help revive the Schnellbootflotille. Service 1956-1991. Located as a houseboat in Wilhelmshaven in 2003 and sold to UK groups for restoration. Located first at Marchwood, then Millbrook, and Mashford yards near Cremyll Ferry, Cornwall. Now owned by the Wheatcroft Collection, undergoing continued restoration as of 2020 for a move to the historic Richmond Dry Dock, North Devon. S-130 S-boote Millbrook UK 2022S-130 S-boote cremyll ferry

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