Romanian Navy – Auxiliaries and Other Ships

Auxiliaries and Other Ships

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Croiter Class Logistics Support Ships LOA 354′ / 107.9 m TDISP 3,500 tons (2 active) for their classification these are heavily-armed ships that can perform some patrol and ASW missions.

Constanta 281 (1980) and Midia 283 (1982)Croiter Class Log supp Constanta 2012

Cosar class minelayer / MCM support ship LOA 259′ / 78.9 m TDISP 1,450 tons (1 active, 1 retired)

Vice Admiral Constantin Balescu 274 (1981)Cosar class minelayer MCM Constanta 2012Vice Admiral Ioan Murgescu 271 (1980-ca. 2010) Laid up Constanța. This ship had a substantial helo pad over the quarterdeck space.vice Admiral I Murgescu Constanta 2012

Friponne Class supply ships LOA 200′ / 61 m TDISP 440 tons. (1916-2002) Originally French Navy anti-submarine and minesweepers commissioned 1916-1917! Transferred to Romania after the First World War. Both may be preserved as museum ships, which would make them some of the last French Navy FWW warships.

Lt. Cmdr. Eugen Stihi (1917 – 2002) originally French naval ship Friponne, laid up Mangalia outboard of a coastal tanker. Most of ship is painted red.

Friponne, ca. 1917 before her transfer to Romanian forces. Unknown author / Public domain

Eugen Stihi Friponne class Mangalia 2018

Sail Training Ship

Gorch Fock class Mircea (1938) LOA 269′ / 82 m TDISP 1,500 tons. sister ship to the German Gorch Fock, the USCG Eagle, and others.

Mircea at Tall Ships, 2005, Amsterdam. DirkvdM / CC BY

Mircea sail training ship Constanta 2012

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