Romanian Navy – Mine Warfare Vessels

Mine Warfare vessels

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Musca Class LOA 199′ TDISP 790 tons (4 active, service from 1987)

SNMCMG2 visits Constanta
Musca Class minesweeper Lt. Lupu Dinescu F-25, with NATO Standing Mine Countermeasures Group Two at Constanta, Feb. 2018. US Navy Official 4118957 CPO FRAN C. Valverde

Musca class minesweeper Constanta 2012

VD 141 Class (River minesweepers – Danube Flotilla) LOA 109′ TDISP 100 tons (21 built, many active). These appear to be armed as local patrol boats now.

VD-141 Patrol/River Minesweeping boats in Tulcea, 2009. Forţele Navale Tulcea / CC BY-SA

VD141 MS Turnu-severin 2018VD141 MS Braila 2019

VD-244 Soviet Project 151 River minesweeper. LOA 92′ TDISP 50 tons. (1957-1976) Preserved at the Romanian naval museum at Constanta. This may be the last of a larger class of Soviet minesweepers.

Project 151 TR-40 minesweeper on the Amur, ca. 1982. Credit: Andshel, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

VD-244 MS Constanta museum 2012

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