Romanian Navy – River Monitors and Gunboats

Romanian Navy River gunboats and monitors (Danube Flotilla)

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Mihail Kogălniceanu class river monitor LOA 171′ TDISP 550 tons (3 active since 1993). Armament includes single 100mm anti-tank guns in TR-85 tank-style turrets at bow and stern.

The monitor Ion C. Bratianu F-46 during Aug. 2018 Romanian Navy Day celebrations. US Navy Official 4651743 MC2 Jonathan Nelson

Mihail Kogalniceanu class river monitor Danube2019Mihail Kogalniceanu class river monitors Danube2017

Smârdan class river monitor LOA 166′ TDISP 370 tons (5 active since 1987)Smarden class river monitors Danube2017

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