North Korean Navy – Auxiliaries and Other Ships

Auxiliaries and Other Ships

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Kowan class ASR submarine rescue ship LOA 275′ / 83.8 m TDISP 2,100 tons probable catamaran hull. This was apparently built in the 1980s in Najin. It may have elements in common with the slightly smaller Soho class above. There is a single photo online, from Morning Fog’s blog, which appears to be of this vessel, which shows a catamaran with conventional raked stems with trawler-like lines. This ship also shares some features with the retired USN Pigeon class submarine rescue catamarans.

kowan class submarine rescue Chaho 2018kowan class submarine rescue Chaho 2015

kowan class submarine rescue Chaho 2010

kowan class submarine rescue Chaho 2019
Kowan ASR identification is based on a number of factors. At 275′ LOA, this is one of the largest naval vessels, larger than other auxiliaries. Although the catamaran lines are not obvious, this ship is inside the restricted naval harbour at Chaho, the major submarine base, continuously in about 15 years of captures. The one photo of this strange craft shows a shorter bows, not projecting beyond the twin stems, but both satellite views show a distinctive bulge on the foredeck just aft on either side. If these are all the same ship, it is possible more of the foredeck was enclosed at some later date.
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