North Korean Navy – Landing Craft

Landing Craft

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Air-Cushioned Assault Hovercraft

Kongbang class Assault Hovercraft LOA 59-82′ / 18-25 m TDISP unknown (about 130 active in several variants, 40-55 troops, in service since 1987) The Kongbang class is a development of the British Hovercraft Corporation\Saunders-Roe SR.N6 Winchester class, which was mostly operated as a large civilian ferry hovercraft. Recently, Iran has also developed a new class of military hovercraft, the Tondar, which also seems to be heavily derived from the Winchester. The KPN operates larger versions called the Kongbang II, equipped with twin propellers.

TONDAR hovercraft NEDAJA_SR.N6_(1)
Tondar hovercraft of the Iranian Navy, 2014. This craft is derived from the same British civilian hovercraft as the Kongbang classes. Credit: Tasnim News Agency, Hamed Malekpour CC BY 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Kongbang class hovercraft Munchon2 2019Kongbang class hovercraft Munchon 2019

Medium Landing Craft

LOA ca. 110′ / 33.5 m TDISP unknownMedium landing craft Chaho 2020

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