Russian Frigates

Russian Frigates

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Admiral Gorshkov Class LOA 442′ TDISP ca. 5,000 tons (4 building, 1 active)

Admiral Gorshkov (2018)

Admiral Grigorovich Class LOA 409′ TDISP 4,000 tons (3 active, 3 building)

Neustrashimyy Class LOA 423′ TDISP 4,400 tons (2 active)

RFS Neutrashimyy steams next to USS Gettysburg

Russian frigate RFS Neutrashimyy 2008 US Navy Official: 95658 PO3 Mike Banzhaf

Tuman, uncompleted hulk had been at 30% completion since about 1996, to be dismantled at Yantar Shipyards Kaliningrad.Tuman hulk yantar kaliningrad 2019

Gepard Class LOA 335′ TDISP 1,900 tons (2 active in Caspian Sea Fleet- 6 active in Vietnamese Navy, 2 more on order)


A Gepard Class frigate, likely Dagestan from single gun in “B” position Credit: Mike1979 Russia [CC BY-SA 3.0 (

Taterstan (2003) Dagestan (2012)Gepard Class Frigates Makhachkala 2019Gepard Class Frigates Cam Rahh VT 2018

Krivak class LOA 405′ TDISP 3,500 tons (40, 5 active, 1 preserved) more than 3 types.

1985 Krivak I class aerial view. “Hot Dog Pack, smokestack, guns in back – Krivak!” for recognition purposes. NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SN-86-00751

Krivak I class (note double-barrelled turrets near stern)


It is also possible that this is a Krivak IV upgrade of the original Krivak I class. These ships differ in the ASW armament and communications / sonar suite.

Krivak II Class (note single-barrelled turrets near stern)Krivak III Class – very different arrangement with single gun in the bows, and a flight deck and hangar at stern. The russian ships are in service with the FSB Coast Guard, while one ship is the flagship of the Navy of Ukraine.Krivak III frigate Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy 2019Krivak III frigates Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy 2018

Bertholf and Vorovsky

US Coast Guard Ship Bertholf and Russian FSB ship Vorovsky (Krivak III) 2011 US Coast Guard: 1102060 Petty Officer 1st Class Sara Francis

Hetman Sahaydachniy (1993) Ukrainian Navy flagship -Odessa 2018. (Krivak III Class)

Uncompleted Krivak hulk sold to North Korea. Likely dismantled. Appears to have been a Krivak III variant, speculation dubbed this a “mystery frigate”.krivak frigate Nampo NK 2004

Koni Class LOA 312′ TDISP 1,900 tons (14, 7 active with other navies)


Modified Koni Class frigate 1988 NARA: : 330-CFD-DN-SN-89-02590

Delfin (1975) Koni I transferred to Bulgaria 1990 as Smeli still in serviceSmeli Koni Class Varna 2019.jpg

SKR-201 (1985) Koni II variant transferred to Libya as Al Hani (212) captured 2011 by rebel groups in Benghazi, currently seized in Malta while undergoing repairs.Al Hani Malta 2017

Al Hani Benghazi 2012

The Two Konis transferred to Libya have SS-N-2 missile tubes mounted forward.

SKR-195 (1986) Koni II variant transferred to Libya as Al Ghardabia (213) Sunk by NATO strike Tripoli Harbour May 2011Al Ghardabia Tripoli 2010Al Ghardabia Tripoli 2019

Petya Class (small frigate) LOA 268′ TDISP 1,150 tons (54 built, up to 8 still in service with other navies)


Petya Class frigate, Atlantic, 1983 NARA: 330-CFD-DN-ST-84-01631 PH2 D. Beech

Petya Class Frigate Cam Rahh VT 2018

Petya class FF Da Nang 2018

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