Russian Auxiliaries and Other Ships

Russian Auxiliaries and Other Ships

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Hospital Ships

Od’ Class Hospital Ship LOA 505′ TDISP 11,900 tons (4, 1 sold to China 2007) Irtysh (1990)

OB class hospital ship Irtysh underway 1994 NARA: DN-SC-97-01610

Missile Instrumentation Ships

Marshal Krylov missile instrumentation ship (1990) LOA 692′ TDISP 23,800 tonsMarshal Krylov Missile testing ship Vladivostok 2019-2

Krylov instrumentation ship 1990 NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SC-91-01135

Landing Craft Air Cushioned (LCAC)

Aist Class (1975) LOA 155′ TDISP 300 tons (20 built, 6 or less still active)Aist Class LCAC Kaspiysk 2014

Salvage Vessels

Kommuna Submarine Salvage Vessel (1915) LOA 315′ TDISP 3,100 tons , oldest Russian commissioned naval ship. Catamaran-hulled and was loosely based on the Imperial German SMS Vulkan, U-boat rescue vessel. Currently a rescue vessel fitted with a British built rescue submersible.

Kommuna rescue ship, Sevastopol, 2009. George Chernilevsky / Public domain

Kommuna salvage vessel Sevastopol 2018Kommuna salvage vessel Sevastopol 2017

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