Russian Navy – Auxiliaries and Other Ships

Russian Auxiliaries and Other Ships

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Hospital Ships

Ob’ Class / Project 320 Hospital Ship LOA 505′ TDISP 11,900 tons (4, 1 sold to China 2007)

OB class hospital ship Irtysh underway 1994 NARA: DN-SC-97-01610

Irtysh (1990)Irtysh Hospital ship Vladivostok 2017

Submarine Depot Ships

Ugra / Borodino class / Project 1886 LOA ca. 475′ TDISP ca. 8000 tons (10, all retired and scrapped: 7 were built as USSR submarine depot ships, with considerable armament, 2 were completed as Borodino class training ships, and 1 was built for the Indian Navy).

An Ugra class sub depot ship with a Juliett class guided missile submarine, alongside the larger Soviet replenishment oiler Berezina, ca. 1996. NARA: USN 330-CFD-DN-ST-86-11154
Ugra or Borodino class depot Mykolaiv Ukraine 2003
This vessel is most likely the Volga (1968), the Ugra which was serving in the Black Sea, and appears to have been the last Russian unit of the class in existence. It was probably being dismantled at this time, as the gun positions are all vacant. The presence of the helicopter flight deck on the stern, instead of a large superstructure, more likely makes this a regular Ugra class, not the Borodino class training variant.
A Soviet Ugra class submarine deport ship underway, ca. 1990. NARA: USN 330-CFD-DN-ST-91-00411

Repair Ships

Amur class / Project 304 LOA 400′ TDISP 5,500 tons. (service since 1968)

Krasnodon PM-09 (1969-mid-1990s) Transferred to Ukrainian Navy in mid-1990s and renamed Donbas U-500, served as the flagship for a time and a Command Ship.

Donbas U500 Salute_Navy_Day_2012_G4
Donbas U-500 in Sevastopol, 2012 [Detail of]. Credit: George Chernilevsky, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Ukrainian command ship Donbas 2019 Odessa

Amur repair ship Sevastopol 2019-05Amur repair ship Sevastopol 2019-05.02

Missile Instrumentation Ships

Marshal Krylov (1990) modified Marshall Nedelin class / Project 19141 LOA 692′ TDISP 23,800 tonsMarshal Krylov Missile testing ship Vladivostok 2019-2

Krylov instrumentation ship 1990 NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SC-91-01135

Landing Craft Air Cushioned (LCAC)

Zubr Class Project 1232.2 / Pomornik LOA 187′ TDISP 550 tons (2 active with Russian Navy in Black Sea, others active with Greece and China) largest military hovercraft in service.

Identification shots of the Soviet Pomornik (Zubr) class air-cushion landing craft, ca. 1987. NARA 330-CFD-DD-ST-87-08706

Yevgeniy Kocheshkov 770 (1990) and Mordovia 782 (1991)

Yevgeniy Kocheshkov 770 during a naval landing exercise 2015. Credit: / CC BY 
Pomornik (Zuber) Hovercraft Baltiysk 2018
This shows both Yevgeniy Kocheshkov 770 and Mordovia 782, the two Zubr craft in service with the Russian Navy in the Black Sea.

Aist Class / Project 12321 Dzheyran (1975) LOA 155′ TDISP 300 tons (20 built, 6 or less still active)Aist Class LCAC Kaspiysk 2014

Salvage Vessels

Kommuna Submarine Salvage Vessel (1915) LOA 315′ TDISP 3,100 tons , oldest Russian commissioned naval ship. Catamaran-hulled and was loosely based on the Imperial German SMS Vulkan, U-boat rescue vessel. Currently a rescue vessel fitted with a British built rescue submersible.

Kommuna rescue ship, Sevastopol, 2009. George Chernilevsky / Public domain

Kommuna salvage vessel Sevastopol 2018Kommuna salvage vessel Sevastopol 2017

Training Ships

Smolny Class / Project 887 LOA 453′ TDISP 9,150 tons (2 active, 1 retired, service since 1976, both in Baltic Fleet)

Smolny class Perekop_in_Kronshtadt
Smolny class Perekop in Kronshtadt, 2010. Credit: Mike1979 Russia, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Smolny training ship Baltiysk 2009

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