Indian Navy – Auxiliaries and Other Ships

Auxiliaries and Other Ships

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Missile Range Instrumentation Ship

VC-11184 (name not yet reported) LOA 575′ / 175.2 m TDISP 10,000 tons (In sea trials) Hindustan Shipyard Ltd. VisakhapatnamVC-11184 Indian Missile Inst. Ship Visakhapatnam 2020

Training Ships

INS Tir A-86 Cadet training ship (1986) LOA 347′ / 105.8 m TDISP 3,200 tons image not yet located

Submarine Depot Ship

INS Amba A-54 (1968-2006) LOA 463′ / 141.1 m TDISP 9,600 tons. USSR built in Ukraine, a variant of the Ugra class design. These ships had very heavy defensive armament, with Amba originally having two twin 76mm guns. Scrapped.

A port view of a Soviet Ugra class submarine deport ship underway in the Mediterranean, 1990. By the end of her career, INS Amba had a large helicopter area in the stern, while the twin 76mm guns were on the raised positions at roughly B and X gun positions. NARA: USN Official 330-CFD-DN-ST-91-00411

INS Amba A-54 Visakhapatnam 2005INS Amba A-54 Visakhapatnam 2004

Torpedo Launch and Recovery

INS Astradharani A-61 (2015) LOA 160′ / 48.8 m TDISP 650 tons catamaran hull form.

INS Astradharini, 2015. Indian Navy /GODL-India

INS Astradharani A-61 Visakhapatnam 2020

Replenishment and Resupply

INS Jyoti A-58 (1995) AOR LOA 587′ / 178.9 m TDISP 35,900 tons

INS Jyoti A-58 during Tropex 2014, with INS Mysore D-60 (top) and INS Ranjit D-53 (lower) alongside. Indian Navy / GODL-India 

INS Jyoti AOR Visakhapatnam 2020

Deepak Class (later class) LOA 574′ / 175 m TDISP 27,500 tons (2 active, service since 2011)Deepak Class AOR Mumbai 2019

INS Aditya A-59 (2001) Replenishment and Repair LOA 572′ / 174.3 m TDISP 24,600 tonsINS Aditya A-59 AOR Mumbai 2001

Deepak Class (earlier class) Oiler LOA 551′ / 167.9 m TDISP 15,000 tons (2 retired, service 1967-2007)Deepak class oiler AOR Mumbai 2000

Sail Training Ships

INS Tarangini (1997) and INS Sudarshini (2012) LOA 177′ / 53.9 m TDISP 515 tons sister-ships

INS Tarangini, ca. 2015 Indian Navy / GODL-India 

Indian Navy sail training ships Kochi 2020

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