Indian Navy – Landing Ships

Indian Navy Landing Ships

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Indian Navy LSTs of the Kumbhir class (2 middle ships are L-21 and L-22). Indian Navy / GODL-India

Shardul Class LOA 410′ / 125 m TDISP 5,650 tons (3 active)Shardul Class LST Kochi 2019Shardul Class LST Kochi 2019-2

Magar Class LOA 390′ / 118.9 m TDISP 5,650 tons (2 active) based on a modified British Round Table class design.

INS Gharial L-23 (1997)

Magar Class LST Visak 2019-3
Deck code M-2 and length correspond to the second of the Magar class, INS Gharial, home-ported at Visakhapatnam.

Kumbhir Class LOA 275′ / 83.8 m TDISP 1,120 tons (3 active, 5 retired) Based on a modified Polnocny-D Soviet design.Kumbhir Class LST Visak 2019-4

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