Royal Australian Navy – Submarines


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Attack Submarines (Diesel-Electric)

Collins Class LOA 254′ TDISP 3,400 tons submerged. (6 active, service since 1996)

HMAS Sheean at HMAS Stirling public event, 2006. Credit: Photographs by Gnangarra…, CC BY 2.5 AU ,via Wikimedia Commons

Collins class sub HMAS Stirling 2017Collins class subs HMAS Stirling 2016

Oberon class LOA 295′ TDISP 2,400 tons submerged. (6 built for Australia, service 1969-2000)

HMAS Onslow S-60 (1969-1999) HMAS Onslow S-60 Museum boat Sydney 2015

HMAS Ovens S-70 (1969-1995) Preserved at Western Australia Maritime Museum since 1998. HMAS Ovens S-70 Museum boat Fremantle 2017

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