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Nuclear-powered Ballistic Missile Submarines (SSBN)

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Vanguard Class LOA 492′ / 150 m TDISP 15,900 tons submerged (4 active, service since 1993) 16 MIRV-equipped SLBM tubes/boat

HMS Vigilant returning to HMNB Clyde ca. 2014. Photo: CPOA(Phot) Thomas McDonald/MOD, OGL v1.0 <;, via Wikimedia Commons

Vanguard Class SSBN Clyde 2003

Resolution Class LOA 425′ / 129.5 m TDISP 8,400 tons submerged (4 retired, service 1968-1996) units all stored at Rosyth, pending disposal solution. 16 SLBM tubes/boat

HMS Resolution cut-away model at the Science Museum, London. Credit: user:geni, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Resolution Class SSBN Rosyth 2018

Fleet submarines (Nuclear powered) SSN

Astute Class LOA 318′ / 96.9 m TDISP 7,400 tons submerged (7 planned, 4 in service, service since 2010)

HMS Ambush on sea trials, 2012. © Crown Copyright 2012 (OGL v1.0 or Copyrighted free use), via Wikimedia Commons

HMS Audacious S-122 (2020) HMS Audacious Astute class SSN BAE 2018

Trafalgar Class LOA 280′ / 85.3 m TDISP 5,250 tons submerged (7 built, 2 active, service since 1983)  Trafalgar class SSN devonport 2020

Swiftsure class LOA 272′ / 82.9 m TDISP 4,900 tons submerged (6, all retired, service 1973-2010)

HMS Sovereign S-108 (1974-2006) laid up at Devonport. First Swiftsure class submarine laid up there. HMS Sovereign S-108 Devonport 2007

HMS Swiftsure S-126 (1973-1992) note lack of propulsor at stern, which rest of class had. Laid up at Rosyth.HMS Swiftsure S-146 Rosyth laid up 2018

Valiant AND Churchill classes LOA 285′ / 86.9 m TDISP 4,900 tons submerged. (5 retired, 1 preserved, rest laid up awaiting scrapping) classes very similar. Churchills were repeats of the Valiants with internal improvementsValiant or Churchill class SSN Plymouth 2007

HMS Courageous S-50 (1971-1992) Museum Boat at Devonport. Falklands War veteran. HMS Courageous S-50 Devonport 2005

HMS Conqueror S-48 (1971-1992) Laid up at Devonport. Falklands War veteran. Sank the Argentine cruiser ARA General Belgrano.  HMS Conqueror S-48 Devonport 2005

HMS Churchill S-46 (1968-1991) Laid up at Rosyth awaiting disposal. HMS Churchill S46 Rosyth 2018

HMS Dreadnought S101 (1963-1980) LOA 266′ / 81.1 m TDISP 4,000 tons submerged. First British nuclear submarine. Laid up at Rosyth awaiting disposal. HMS Dreadnought S-101 Rosyth laid up 2018

Attack Submarines (Diesel Electric) SS

For Upholder Class, see Canadian Victoria Class

Oberon Class LOA 295′ / 89.9 m TDISP 2,400 tons submerged (27 built, service with 5 navies, all retired) See also Australian submarines, Brazilian Submarines, Canadian Submarines, Chilean Submarines, for other Oberons.

HMS Ocelot S-17 (1964-1991) Museum boat Chatham Historic Dockyard since 1992.

HMS Ocelot S-17 © IWM Crown Copyright (HU 129915)

HMS Ocelot Chatham 2020

HMS Otus S-18 (1963-ca. 1992) Museum boat in Sassnitz, Germany. HMS Otus Germany 2015

HMS Onyx S-21 (1967-1991) Museum Boat at Birkenhead on display with Warship Preservation Trust, until it went bankrupt. Displayed at Barrow-in-Furness until 2014, scrapped. Falklands War veteran. HMS Onyx Birkenhead 2005

HMS Opossum S-19 (1964-1993) and HMS Oracle S-16 (1963-1993) both scrapped late 90s early 2000s at Pounds Marine, Portsmouth.Oberon class Opossum and Oracle scrapping UK 1999

HMS Alliance P-417 (1947-1979) Amphion Class LOA 281′ / 85.6 m TDISP 1,600 tons submerged. Museum ship at Royal Navy Submarine Museum, Gosport.

Sister-ship HMS Artful, Amphion Class submarine, being overflown by a Royal Canadian Navy Avenger ASW aircraft during the mid-1950s. Credit: Unknown author, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons taken from U.S. Navy Naval Aviation News July 1957, p. 24

HMS Alliance P-417 Museum Gosport 2016

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